Creative Kitchen – Yummy Recipes for Everyday Life!

The Creative Kitchen is my collection of creatively yummy recipes.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen – especially now that I have so much more room with the new home! The adventures will be even more now!

Hooray for roomy kitchens full of counter space and gadgets! All of my recipes are usually just made on a whim, pulling whatever I feel out of the fridge and creating. They are home-made and as healthy as I can make them.

All of these yummy recipes are tested in my home and approved as “yummy”. I am not a chef or professional in any way, so these easy cooking recipes are totally doable – by anyone!

Easy Lunch or Dinner Recipes

I like to come home, look through my fridge and just create supper. I tend to just make it up as I go and hope it turns out edible. My husband has been pleased with the results so far, I haven’t had too many mishaps.

These recipes make great dinners, and work awesome for leftover lunches.

When I do have an oops or mishap I will be sure to share that too! There is no failure just adventure – creativity is creativity!

Side Dishes – Always Important!

A meal is never complete without some creative side dishes. I know that I head straight to the side dishes before anything else.

Sweets, Snacks & Treat Recipes

I have a mighty big sweet tooth, so you don’t have to ask me twice to make treats and sweet yummy recipes.

I do try to eat as healthy as I can, but still satisfy that sweet tooth. If I can justify that it is “healthier” than it could be, I can eat more sweets!