why do we need creativity

Let’s start with a simple question . . . why do we need creativity?

I bet the first thing that comes to your mind is “I’m totally NOT creative, it can’t be that important” or something along those lines.

I will start by saying that there are two things wrong with the above statement.

  1. Everyone is creative – all you need to do is discover it inside you.
  2. Creativity is super important! It is the key to happiness!

Let me show you why …

What Does Creativity Mean ? ? ?

Why Do We Need Creativity

I can probably come up with an endless number of reasons why we all need creativity, but let’s start with the 10 most important reasons why we need creativity.

Creativity is essential. After these ten reasons you will be convinced that you need to unleash your creativity.

Creativity is literally the development of new ideas and thoughts – there is no limit to the area these ideas and thoughts are in. You can simply re-organize your linen closet in a new way – that is expressing your creativity.

The act of thinking of new ideas, concepts, thoughts, etc. is creative thinking.

Why do we need creativity?

Develops Self Confidence & Eliminates Fear of Failure

In the process of creative thinking we are developing new ideas – this process will create good ideas and bad ones. No one is perfect, and no idea comes without a risk of failure.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new” Einstein

I can pull up quotes from many influential and world changing people. The core belief is if you don’t try, you won’t succeed. There is always failure, it is apart of the creative process.

In being creative, you will learn that you do not need to fear failure. You will release this fear once you see that a failure is survivable – it is not world ending. Everyone fails.

By releasing the fear of failure you will build a strong confidence in your self, and in your creations (good or bad).

Solves Problems

The only way to solve a problem is to think of a solution. Coming up with this solution is simply putting your mind to work at creating a new concept or idea to solve that problem.

You are interpreting the problem, and thinking of new, useful ideas to solve it.

For example, you struggle to pay all your bills each month. You’ve tried a free budget template, or bought a planner, with no success. You take the time to sit down and analyze the problem and think of a new way to approach it (that works for you). The result, you create a customized spreadsheet that works for YOU.

This may not be creativity as you expect it, but in the end any new idea is a creative process.

Ensures Success in Life

Yep, I’m going to say it! Creativity ensures a successful life.

I don’t mean that everyone will make millions and be 100% happy. What I mean is the development of new ideas and being creativity will allow you to life to your full potential. It will give you a stronger self worth, and allow you to discover your purpose.

Success is not defined by dollars or possessions. It is just knowing that you are serving your purpose, and being your true self.

Unleashes your True Self

Creativity involves diving internally to think of new ideas and in that process you will find your passion/purpose.

Everyone has something they are meant for – this is the thing you get lost in. For example, a writer can spend days on a new chapter and not even realize they haven’t gone outside. They are in love with what they are doing.

This does not have to be “art” it can be anything. It is just that one thing you gravitate to when you find you need “me time” or some happiness.

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Sense of Accomplishment & Pride

Success or failure you will start to feel pride in what you create. Taking an idea from a thought bubble in your mind to a finished product gives an unbelievable sense of accomplishment.

You decide that you want to eat healthier but you LOVE carbs (like me). You start your creative process. You come up with a yummy new recipe – like my turkey meatballs and zoodles recipe. You serve it for dinner and its a hit with the family. You are all smiles for the rest of the evening.

This is taking pride in your creations, and feeling the sense of accomplishment that comes with creativity.

Creativity is the Road to Happiness

Creative thinking and unleashing your creativity sends you down your true path. It allows you to express your true self. You are living your purpose.

This road can lead to only one thing, happiness.

Leads to Continuous Innovation

Without creativity there would be no innovation. We would essentially still be living in caves, freezing our butts off when it was cold out.

Creativity is the reason we have evolved, and continue to do so.

Many successful business follow the “20% rule” and expect all their employees to practice this.

20% of your day should be spent on new ideas

Allows You to Love Your Space

Be it your office, or your home. You will be confident to express yourself, and this will show in how you keep your space.

It can be anything from adding your favorite colors, adding decor, or organizing just the way you like it.

You will allow yourself to create your space and it will be an area that you feel safe and inspired in. This will in turn allow you to continue to express your creativity.

Provides an Outlet for Emotions

Thoughts will no longer bounce around in your head – causing you to fester on negativity, or worry about small things.

You will have a space you love. You will know your true self. You will have the confidence to take those emotions and put them out there (in whatever way YOU feel).

This will lead to a healthy mental self, and give you the ability to process your emotions.

Creates an Open and Accepting World

No one is afraid of failure, and everyone understood that every idea is valuable – no matter how good or bad.

Everyone embraces their creativity.

The world would have SO much innovation and inspiration. We would all be way more accepting and it would unite us.

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Benefits of Creativity

I am very passionate about creativity and its importance in our lives. You will hear that from me all the time.

Beyond answering the question “why do we need creativity” I’ve also come up with tons of great benefits of being creative. Whatever your reason, the only necessity is that you unleash your creativity.

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