what does creativity mean

Being Creative – What Does Creativity Mean??

What does creativity mean?

Everyone says it “I’m just not crafty” or “I’m totally not creative”. Well everyone is WRONG! We all have some form of creativity within us – it will take different forms but it’s there.

You don’t have to be a pro to master being creative. It doesn’t matter that you suck, you will get better with time and practice.

So, what does creativity mean?

There is no set definition of creativity, it comes in so many shapes and sizes. Do it yourself projects, hobbies, side projects, and even doodling can be creativity.

Even imitation and “copying” can be creativity – as long as you don’t claim you created the item.

For example, start out copying for favourite Disney characters or anime characters. If you take a look at a drawing from your favourite artist and create your own rendition of it – that’s creativity!

  • It is honoring those you love.
  • Even when copying try to add in your own style.
  • After a while you will start to see your own style, even when copying. It will show through.

Where do you start?

You start with something you love. If you don’t know what you love – just do stuff you like.

Create what you would like to see, hear, read, etc. This way you will love what you are creating because it’s what you want.

Peak Your Creativity:

Creativity is at its best when we use all five senses.

  • Handwrite something instead of typing it, draw, cook or bake, play an instrument, etc
  • All of these will use most of your senses at some point during the creation.

Channel your emotions into a creative outlet.

  • This will allow for you to process your emotions; relieve some stress; and let go of the things you dwell on.
  • Don’t think too much – just let your emotions flow.
  • If you are drawing, just draw. If you are making music, put emotion into it.

Creativity is about expressing yourself and letting go. But it also needs routine. Well, really your brain needs the routine. The only way to condition your brain is through repetition.

We are ALL creative!

The artists, musicians, and other creatives are the ones who have spent years perfecting their creativity. Even they have fails at some time!

It looks like things come super easy to those creatives, but believe me it takes time and effort. You are seeing the results after years of dedication.

We are all capable of it!

Creativity is creating. There is a ton of different things you can create. So what does creativity mean? It means you are creating and using your emotions and passion to take what’s in your mind and creating it – in whatever way is most comfortable for you!

What’s Your Passion?

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