Toronto City Pass – Toronto Zoo or Ontario Science Center

With the Toronto City Pass you have five attractions. One of those you have to choose one of two – this choice was made for us, sadly. The Toronto Zoo at the time was on strike, so we did go check out the Ontario Science Center.

I have been to the Toronto Zoo a few times, my hubby and I actually went a few years ago – Absolutely love it!

The Ontario Science Center

This round we had to go to the Ontario Science Center but thought that would be cool too. It was totally the only attraction that was disappointing! I have been there too as a a child, it used to be huge and full of knowledge and wonder.

We thought it would be just as fun – we are both nerdy people so we love learning.

Note, I have no pictures from there. It’s because there wasn’t much to capture. Here’s a few things I found that makes me say “Choose the Toronto Zoo”:

  • It is sparse. There is space everywhere, rooms feel empty.
  • Tons of things are broken or unavailable. Others were just way to confusing to figure out the point.
  • There was no staff around to interact with.
  • There were no fun shows, or exhibits to say “wow”

We spent a whole of 30 minutes or so in there to say we checked out the whole place.

The Toronto Zoo

The sad part was the zoo literally re-opened the weekend following our road trip. I would have loved to have returned. The last time we had went was a few years ago.

The zoo is huge! There is over 700 acres of land! One of the largest zoo’s in the world. Be prepared to walk! The animals are very well taken care of and their spaces are large and open. I hate seeing caged animals, but these animals are totally spoiled!

Be warned – walking is a big part of this attraction. But you don’t even realize how far you walked, as you are just so excited to see the next animal. There is 10 km (6 miles) or paths.

Here’s some fun facts about the zoo.

The Toronto Zoo is divided by continent. The animals are divided in seven continents – Indo-Malaya, Africa, the Americas, Australasia, Eurasia, Canadian Domain and the Tundra Trek. It makes a very fun learning experience by travelling through the continents.

Tons of animals. There are 5,000 animals representing over 450 species.

Lots of Discover. There are fun Kids’ zones, and interactive discovery areas. You can also go on four different rides.

Shows Galore! There are so many shows going on. Every area has different shows. The animals are super fun, the trainers are great. There is so much entertainment.

Have You Been to the Zoo??

Share your experiences with me in the comments below. If you have some awesome pictures send them to me, I can add them to this post.