Tips for Adult Coloring

Coloring is not just for children. I’ve got a ton of great tips for adult coloring! Coloring as an adult can be very beneficial and it’s the newest form of fun stress relief.

Some of the benefits:

  • stress relief
  • giving you an emotional outlet
  • express yourself
  • just to make something beautiful.

These benefits are just a few of the reasons to color. It is truly good for your health. Keep stress at bay.

tip for adult coloring

Being creative in general has tons of benefits. See our many reasons why you need to be creative. It is literally healthy for you!

Tips & Tricks – Master Adult Coloring

Here are some great tips for adult coloring:

Use all the colors of the rainbow. Don’t be shy to bust out the bright colors too.

Maximize your stress relief by coloring in your happy place (be it a favorite room, listening to music you, or sitting in a comfy chair.

Work from the outside of the picture, and move inwards.

Practice, practice, practice. With practice comes beauty.

Build up your colors, don’t press too hard when coloring.

Keep your pencils sharp.

Have fun, relax, and think outside the box.

Fall in love with your coloring book. Pick one with pictures you are excited to give color and life too.

Try all sorts of art media (pencil crayons, markers, crayons, water colors)

Color your yourself – it is “me” time

Hopefully these few tips for adult coloring will help you get a great start on this fun hobby.

Adult Coloring Supplies 

There is not a big list of supplies you need.

Here’s the essentials: