Join me while I stitch up a beautiful Tinkerbell cross stitch. I love Tinkerbell, and I have been wanting to make a cross stitch but they are hard to find. As soon as I started to create my own patterns this was the first one I developed – and printed it instantly!

Tinkerbell Cross Stitch Adventure

This pattern is not the biggest adventure I am working on, it will measure about 8″ x 10″ when it’s complete.

tinkerbell cross stitch

I have a bit of a squirrel brain when it comes to cross stitching, I usually have at least two patterns on the go at a time. At this moment it is two Tinkerbell cross stitch patterns. (Yep, I am slightly obsessed with Tink).


This is the Tinkerbell cross stitch that I am creating. If you would like to make Tinkerbell with me you I have this pattern up on my Etsy Shoppe.

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All About Cross Stitching

Do you want to start cross stitching? Getting started in the world of cross stitching.

Cross stitching is a relaxing hobby. The larger projects do require some patience as they are time consuming – but well worth the effort.

Free Tinkerbell Cross Stitch

I am so in love with Tink that I have even created a free tinkerbell cross stitch pattern just for you! Simply click here and get yours today.