Ready for another seasonal set of stitch alongs?? We do these each year – four stitch alongs, one theme – great for display!

 The Think Seasons SAL Details:

 This year’s seasonal stitch along is “Think” of what you love to do in that season. They will be seasonal bucket lists.


  • Each season’s SAL will be 150 x 150 stitches
  • They will look great individually on four seasonally appropriate colored fabrics, or all as one big piece!
  • Template will be the same for each, with different text in the middle.
  • Each SAL has 5 installments. First, the base. Then 4 installments of bucket list items.
  • There are 13 bucket list items in each season.
  • Will include full stitches, 3/4 stitches and back stitching.

Here is a preview of the base for each season, which is the first release on each one.

First release will also include the color lists for each – there will be between 10-15 colors for each.

Each bucket list item will have a cute “character” and some text, like this:

Get Signed Up for the Think Seasons Stitch Along


These four seasons SAL’s will all start around the beginning of each season.

  • Think Spring SAL – Get INSTANT access to entire pattern
  • Think Summer SAL – Starts June 24th
  • Think Fall SAL – Starts September 22nd
  • Think Winter SAL – Starts December 28th

 You have an option to join just one at a time, or only one if you choose OR you can buy the bundle and be included in all four!

 STITCHEES: Remember these are included for no additional charge to you in the Stitch Hub.

Here’s the Think Spring Full Pattern

You can join all four of the Think Seasons SAL in one.

You save $11 by doing it this way if you want in for all four!

The cost for the bundle is $57