The Creativity Mission

It’s time for a creativity movement and a creativity mission statement. Our mission is simple – be creative (in some form) every day.

I love to create and be creative but I find that even I don’t do it as much as I want. It is an important aspect of life that a lot of people forget about.


What does this mean?

This means I will share all sorts of ways to be creative and we should all be incorporating them into our everyday lives. I am no Martha Stewart, and by no means a professional crafter, but I love ALL crafts and creating in any form. I want to try everything and I will.

Where do you come in?

You get to learn with me, you will get to see my mistakes and the finished product. I will share real world instructions with you – along with pictures and videos. I will even share my failures, and what NOT to do.

I will share great ideas of my own as well as ideas from others. I will also take some of those “Pinterest” ideas and try them out myself (and you will see my Pin FAILS too).

Creatively Crafting Motto

I’ve decided to add a new motto to my life, and my blog, and it’s a simple one.

A sprinkle of creativity every day

This just means to take time each day to do something (even something small) that is creative. It can be something as simple as doodling in a sketch book or baking a few cookies; it can be something that takes a few days like a wood burning project or a scrapbook. As long as I’m being creative and creating something the goal is reached.

Don’t forget to learn more about me and my crafty history (successes & failures).

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