Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Don’t worry this isn’t the wrong place! This is still the Crafty Critters, its our soon-to-be new home. You will see more of our crafts added with all sorts of creativity. 

It is important to have  fun and easy summer craft ideas for kids to  keep them entertained throughout the season. It’s even better because these will make great toys to take outside! 

These simple summer craft ideas for kids will keep you cool – a way to use the power of the wind to have fun this summer.

summer craft ideas for kids

The supplies for this craft are simple, and there’s a huge variety on Amazon, we got our card stock at a great price!

  • Card Stock
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Push Pin

Time to Complete:

  • 15 minuntes

Age Group:

  • 3+ years old

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Step by Step Instructions:

Enjoy this windmill summer craft ideas for kids. Not only is it fun to make it is a great tool to help teach about the wind!

Step #1:
Take your piece of paper and cut it into a perfect square.

An easy way to do this is fold the paper into a triangle, taking one corner and lining it up to the other side. This will leave excess on one side that, once cut, gives you a square!

Step #2:
Decorate both sides of the paper with whatever design you wish.

You can create a summer scene or just a fun design – like the colorful hearts we’ve created.

Step #3:
Fold the paper diagonally so it turns into a triangle and crease it lightly.

Repeat this for the opposite direction as well. You will then unfold and have a creased “X” on the page.

Step #4:
Cut along the creases about halfway to the middle of the paper. Be sure not to cut all the way.

Step #5:
Bend each corner into the middle. Make sure to bend and not fold.

Step #6:
Once all 4 corners are in the middle push the push pin through them all as well as the straw or eraser. Be careful not to hurt yourself with the pin!

Summer Craft Ideas for Kids - Summer Windmill

Mini Pencil Topper Version of our Summer Windmill:

I had some fun and made mini versions of this fan for the top of pencils. Another fun summer craft idea for the kids!

More Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

There’s tons of super easy summer craft ideas for kids in the Summer Fun Bundle. 

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Have fun with all these great summer craft ideas for kids. Be sure to add your creations into the comments below. 

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Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

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