Some Stitchee Perks, on a budget!

I’ve had soo many requests for a “lite” version of our Stitchee Collective.

My passion is motivating stitchers to embrace “me time” and spend time stitching and in their happy place.

Our Stitchee Collective is a family full of amazing stitchers and we are almost full (there is a maximum capacity of 500) so this “lite” version is a farm team of sorts . . . as well as a way for those that can’t afford our full fledge Stitchee Status to join some of the fun.

Not sure what the Stitchee Collective is?? Learn about our Stitchee Collective here. 

Stitchee Lite – What Does it Include??

Our Stitchee Lite is a perfect way to be sure you are included in all the SAL’s (stitch alongs) I release each year; as well as some other fun things.

This is a paid newsletter with a ton of great perks:

  • Enrollment is included for all my public release stitch alongs:
    • 4 seasonal stitch alongs (matching theme) – January, April, June and September — Retail Value $80.00 *you get access to the seasons after you join, going forward. 
    • Stitchy’ween – October — Retail Value $32.00
    • Stitchmas – December — Retail Value $32.00
  • First dibs on Stitchee Collective spaces when they open up (in September & March – if we have room)
    • All SALs you are included in while a Stitchee Lite will be available to you in the Stitch Hub when you upgrade to full Stitchee status.
  • Discount code to my Etsy Shoppe
  • Access to a “Stitchee Vault” where you can purchase some of the Stitchee only patterns (Coming in Winter 2023)
  • Yearly printable cross stitch planner included (not included 2023’s – just going forward as long as subscription is active when planner comes out) — Retail Value $17.00
  • Stitch It bundles each month included. — Retail Value $12.00
  • Access to “Stitchee to Be” swag & “Stitchee Lite” swag — think mugs, tumblers, blankets and a special needleminder — coming Fall 2023.

NEW!! PERKS — I’ve even more perks on top of all the above!

  • A private FB group just for Stitchee Lites!
  • Stitchee Lite Members will get all minders at $7 instead of $8 when I host Minder Days — that adds up quick on a minder haul!

Love what you hear?? I would love to have you. Keep in mind this is a new program so there may be a few other goodies coming your way 🙂 Click to Join Stitchee Lite

FAQ’s About Stitchee Lite

Here’s some of the most common questions I’ve seen in regards to Stitchee Lite

When does sign ups close? 

One difference with Stitchee Lite is that it is ALWAYS open. You can join any time — you will get all SAL’s going forward from the day you signed up.

What if I sign up in the middle of a stitch along?

Good news! During ongoing SAL’s I will be putting the “pattern up to now” in the emails so you can get caught up.

What if I cancel? 

You will no longer receive the emails with the patterns – so if we are in the middle of a stitch along, you will not get the rest.

Do I have to upgrade to Stitchee Status?

Nope! This is not only a “farm team” for new Stitchees but also a great way for those that can’t afford full Stitchee Status to still join in some of the fun.

What is the cost of full Stitchee Status?

The full Stitchee Status membership fee is $32/month USD – once you upgrade (if you choose to) the Stitchee Lite fee ends and your Stitchee fee starts (so it is $17 extra per month)

Can I just sign up for the stitch alongs?

Absolutely! The retail value of each is listed above.

Enter math geek moment:

  • 6 stitch alongs retail for $144
  • printable planner retails for $17
  • 12 Stitch It Bundles retail for $1-2 (if you buy them in their release month)

That is a retail value of $173-185 — Stitchee lite is just $15/month or if you buy a full year even more savings at $150! And that doesn’t include you Etsy discount code and other goodies!

Have a question?? Feel free to comment below and I’ll be happy to answer!