Swimming with the fishes – Ripley’s Aquarium

One of my favorite stops on our Toronto City Pass adventure was Ripley’s Aquarium. It was a blast! There is not one bad thing I can say about this place!

They really do immerse you in the ocean. You don’t even pay attention that it is fish tanks and an aquarium.

The Tour

You start out handing your ticket, then there is a camera in your face. We looked at each other (both hating cameras) and said what the heck, smile! The guy then says ok now look scared. Hmmm… okay!

On we continue through the aquarium. At first you get to walk through a bunch of different tanks full of amazing looking aquatic life. There is tons of space and everything is large enough for everyone to see.

Then the amazement starts. There is a moving floor – like they have in airports. You stand on it and the aquariums and tanks are all around you from one side to the other and on top of your head. You get to see sharks and fish swimming everywhere!

Don’t understand how awesome that can be?? Check out one of the videos the hubby took I posted on Facebook.

After the amazing 360 fish tanks you were able to get hands on too.

  • There are little shrimps you let hang out on your hands – You put you hand it, the shrimp eats your dead skin.
  • There are sharks you can pet – we couldn’t sadly, they were restless and grumpy.
  • You could touch sting rays.

There is also a kids zone.

What Were Those Pictures for?

At the end there is your pictures. You have to option to buy (yes, they need to make money too). There is one nice image, with the huge 360 fish tank around you. The scary pose is placed with a jaws style shark behind you.

We of course bought both (see the scary one in the collage above) These were a mere $20 for both and made a great souvenir.

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