Woodburning Tigger Project & Many More Great Ideas!

Woodburning is a ton of fun, and it doesn’t have a huge cost associated with it (compared to the many crafting hobbies out there). I have just started out with this hobby, and I’m having a blast with it.

As a newbie, I can relate to the nerves and challenges of starting up a new hobby. So, I thought I would share one of my first real pyrography patterns, and my first finished project – which was also a birthday gift for my mom.


My mom is obsessed with Tigger – to the “crazy lady” level!

So I thought what better way to test out this new hobby, and off to Michaels I went.

Can’t Draw?

No Worries with These Pyrography Patterns!

I personally can draw but I thought I would start out with the easy route for a guaranteed success.

Plus, for those that can’t draw, you can still woodburn beautiful pyrography patterns.

Step 1: Ooooh Craft Store Time!

Head to your local craft store, or Home Depot, and grab a few pieces of wood.

If you have the tools and time to finish the edges the cheaper option is a hardware store. I was in a hurry so Micheals sells plenty of pre-cut wood plaques – with a 40% off coupon it’s still a great deal!

Oh! Grab glitter of all colors! Or just the color you need if you have the will power to resist buying every color!

Step 2: Pick Your Image

Pick your pattern, print it out and make sure it will fit on your plaque.

Step 3: Trace Away

Tracing time! Most wood you buy will be somewhat soft, so I found the best way to get a perfect image is trace it on the wood.

Place your paper on top of your plaque and grab a pencil. Trace along the image on the paper – pressing fairly firmly (without breaking your pencil lead).

This will leave a light indent in your wood.

Step 4: Warm up that Woodburning Pen

Time to get to the fun part! I use the small rounded tip and a high setting on the pen. Slowly trace the entire image on your piece of wood.

If it doesn’t come out dark enough, you can always go over it until you are a happy duckling.

Add in some shading with one of the flat ended tips for your pen to give a little more detail.

Step 5: Glitter Time!

Okay, so the woodburning part was fun – but glitter just makes this whole project a crafter’s dream!

Depending on your image, choose one main color to glitterfy (Yep, that is a word in a crafter dictionary somewhere).

For Tigger, the obvious choice is his signature orange. Grab some regular clear glue and paint it onto all the parts you want the glitter to stick to. If there are large areas you can do this is stages so your glue doesn’t dry before the glitter attack.

Sprinkle a nice coating of glitter and allow it to dry overnight. Once it is dry just brush off the excess. If spots are missed or you want more just rinse and repeat.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

To save the glitter from falling off simply spray the plaque with a light coating of clear coat.

Add a hanging bracket to the back and you are ready to display your pyrography patterns for the world to see!

And here is my finished project:

pyrography patterns

Share Your Pyrography Patterns with Me!

I love to see anything crafty! How did your project turn out?

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I have made a few more pyrography patterns recently, and I’ve shared them on Facebook too! Can you see what my more recent one was?