A great way to get started with your bucket list is a creative & printable bucket list journal – write down your 50 bucket list items and then record the memory in this journal as you accomplish these adventures!

Not only will it take those items from your mind to paper – it will also give you the inspiration to get the items checked off your bucket list!

Before you get started with your printable bucket list journal learn how to create a bucket list.

Why should you have a bucket list?

A bucket list is not just for those that are nearing the end of their lift – a bucket list is for everyone!

A bucket list is important because:

  • Sense of purpose: A bucket list gives you a reason to achieve – as much as you “want” to do something, if you don’t make it a goal you don’t strive to achieve it.
  • Direction: A bucket list will give your life some direction, takes those aspirations from your dreams to reality.
  • Motivation: A bucket list will give you inspiration to life an interesting and exciting life.

Why Keep a Bucket List Journal?

Not only is it important to have a bucket list, you should also keep memories of the items you check off. It’s an important aspect of your life’s journey – record the memories!

Printable Bucket List Journal


I’ve created a printable bucket list journal you can use to create your bucket list and record the memories when you complete a bucket list item.

Included in this printable:

Room to record up to 50 bucket list items

50 “memory catcher” pages to record the experience of checking an item off your list.


Check out my Printable Creative Bucket List Journal

How to Use this Printable:

Print out the printable bucket list journal. Take some time and write down 50 bucket list items. Fifty may sound like a lot but you have a lifetime to complete them! If you are 30 years old, if you can accomplish 1 a year you will be done by 80…. even quicker if you can accomplish more than one a year!

Each time you accomplish an item on your bucket list craft one of the “memory maker” pages and fill it it – and don’t forget to add a picture!

You can choose to hole punch it and keep it in a binder, or have it bond at a local office store.