Time for a Photography Challenge! Grab your cell phone and start taking pictures, you don’t need fancy cameras or any technical training – just creativity and a cell phone!

Having an inspiration lets you look at the world a bit differently to FIND what you are looking for. 

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Photo a Day Photography Challenge


Let’s get snapping some pictures!

The only rule is if you plan to share your pictures with others, make them PG. 

What to do:


  • Review the list of 30 prompts for the “theme” of each picture. These prompts may be styles of photos, or items to photograph, maybe even a shape. 
  • Print out the printable with those 30 prompts so you can mark off as you complete them. 
  • With the printable for the 30 prompts below there is also a Canva template to use to put all your 30 images in one cool collage.  
  • Share your end photography creation with me on Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #photoadaychallenge

30 Day Photography Challenge


Lights! Camera! Action!


1. Happy – Think happy thoughts and go find a scene that would make you happy to look at it. 

2. Close Up – The subject of your picture can be anything, simply take a close up picture of it!

3. Nature – Very broad subject today – pick something beautiful.

4. Dark – This can be something dark, like at night, or something scary sort of dark. 

5. Animal – Find something furry to make your model today. 

6. Movie – Find something that reminds you of a movie and snap a picture. 

7. Circle – Only rule today is that it is circular. 

8. Fluffy – Many things are fluffy, use your imagination. 

9. Shiny – Make today’s picture shiny or sparkly.

10. Reflection – This can be your reflection or any sort of reflection.


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11. Round – Make todays image something round.

12. Exercise – bonus points if its a picture of YOU exercising!

13. Friendship – Picture something that symbolizes friendship.

14. Smile – Smile Big!

15. Bloom – Snap a picture of something growing.

16. Selfie – Let me take a selfie

17. Flowing Water – Only rule, it’s water thats moving.

18. Sky – Look Up.

19. Technology – Something that sums up technology.

20. Shadow – Have some fun with your shadow.

21. Tiny – Something small, may need to zoom in.

22. Furry – NOT the same animal you photographed on day 5

23. Love – Something you love, someone you love, or just something that means love. 

24. Hobby – photograph your favorite hobby

25. Motion – catch something in motion.

26. Black and White – swap the mode on your camera to black and white for this one. 

27. Flat – find something flat and smooth.

28. Funny – This one should make you giggle. 

29. Square – shape hunting. 

30. Tall – something big and tall. 

Printable Photography Challenge


This printable includes:

  • The 30 prompt sheet.

Print these and get creative! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Now grab your printed photography challenge, and take some amazingly creative pictures. Think outside the norm and have fun with it. 

I want to see what you make! Share it with me on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag


Project with your 30 Photos

After you complete the 30 days, and have 30 creative images – use this Canva template to create a collage of all of them! Canva is totally free to sign up for.

Canva Template Photo Collage

Share your finished collage in the Facebook Creativity Challenge group.

Some Suggested Supplies for this Photography Challenge:


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Here are a few things I think would be great to have for this photography challenge:

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