Adorable Owl Craft – More Fun with Pyrography!

I have a ton of fun with these little woodburning projects. This cute owl craft was the first one I created that was not a copy of a famous cartoon or character! It was super fun to just look at a blank piece of wood and create!

You can re-create this fun owl craft or look at your blank canvas and get creative. I saw two knots in the wood that are a great accent for the eyes and took my creativity from there.

Can never go wrong with pyrography, sparkles and cute owls!
owl craft

What You Will Need:

You will need your trusty woodburning kit, a piece of flat wood (I like basewood but this project I just used a piece of pine from the garage with a light sanding), a pencil, glue, old paint brush and glitter (lots of glitter).

 How to Re-Create This Owl Craft:

There is no set template for your owl craft, you can get a little creative and put your own style into the look of your owl.

Step #1:

Lightly trace the design of your owl onto the piece of wood.

Also, get your woodburning tool turned on and heating up.

Step #2:

Once the tool is heated and ready, trace an outline of your owl lightly with the tool.

Then go over it again to darken the lines – too this to your desired darkness. I like a pretty dark outline (plus I love the smell of burning wood, lol)

Step #3:

Time for some detail. Shade in the beak and bow of your owl and add a few details.

Allow the tool to cool off and swap out the tip to one of the design tips – I used the circles.

Add some decorative designs to the belly and bow of your owl craft.

Step #4: 

Glitter time!!! This is my favorite part – and my hubby’s worst nightmare – let’s just say my cats even end up sparkly!

Glitter color chose is all yours! I went for a two-colored owl with pink and blue.

Using your paint brush and clear glue, paint glue onto a section you would like glittered. Do this is as quickly as you can as the glue dries pretty fast.

I usually do sections – for this project I did the top of its head, then the body, then each wing.

Step #5: 

The hardest step – waiting!

Leave your owl craft to dry completely overnight.

Step #6: 

Make sure you have paper under your project for this step.

CREATIVE TIP: I usually have a jar too and I will take the shaken off glitter and put it into a jar. This way I can add a little more if I missed spots or there are spots without enough glitter.

Shake off the excess glitter. Another easy way to do this is a paint brush (NOT the one you used for the glue) – I find the big fluffy ones work great. Lightly brush off the excess glitter.

Step #7: (Optional but Recommended)

Grab some clear coat and give the owl craft pyrography project a spray. This will protect the glitter and keep it in place.

Ready for It’s Debut!

Now if you were like me and used an old scrap of wood from the garage you can router the edges (or give it to your hubby to router the edges like I did).

Grab a picture mounting kit, and hang it up proudly in your home.

My owl craft is just waiting for winter to be over so it’s edges can be finished and I will be hanging this adorableness up in my guest room.

How did yours turn out? Share with me in the comments below.

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