Ramen is SUCH a comfort food, but at the same time… the carbs! A main staple in ramen is the noodles. That problem is solved right here! Low carb ramen.

Great for those trying to limit the processed carbs, like pasta. Also a great way to get a comfort food that is in line with some keto diets.

low carb ramen

Ramen is not just the packages of instant noodles you ate in college, it is an actual Japanese dish.

Ramen consists key of a few key things:

  • wheat based noodles
  • meat or fish based stock with some flavouring (miso or soy sauce)
  • a meat (protein)
  • veggies (usually green onions)

Some even include eggs.

The combinations are endless. It’s really a dish where you take what you have and throw something together. There is no “set” ramen recipe, just how to build your own with some guidelines.

Let’s Start Making our Low Carb Ramen

The recipe is the same as my home-made ramen recipe I shared a while back. Go check it out, there is only one change to make it low carb.

What’s the secret to making your fav ramen a low carb ramen?

All you need is two things.

Zucchini and a spiralizer.

That’s all it takes. ANY ramen recipe, remove the above mentioned noodles and add zoodles!

Low Carb Ramen

This is so tasty! There is no measurements in this recipe because it all depends how YOU like your ramen. You can choose more veggies, or more meet; lots of broth or just a little.

What You Need:

Pork tenderloin stripes, bean sprouts, leeks, mushrooms, beef brother,  spinach, and zucchini.

This is easiest done in a wok or large sauce pan that can hold the broth.

  1. Fry up your meat of choice. For this one I want for pork. You can use anything you like.
  2. Pour in your broth, the amount depends how brothy you like your ramen.
  3. Spice your broth with your choice of spices. Some use soy sauce or miso as well – I avoid those two just to limit the salt.  Allow this to simmer.
  4. Add in your mushrooms, spinach and leeks.
  5. Separately boil some water and cover a bowl of bean sprouts. This takes about 5 minutes until they are cooked. After the 5 minutes simple drain the water.

Pour the broth to your bowl and top it with some bean sprouts. I sometimes will also leave the leeks raw and top with them instead of cooking them. Adds a bit of crunch.

Grab your chopsticks and dig in!

Comment below and tell me how your ramen turned out. I love to see pictures too!

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