Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

Halloween is just a few short hours away, and the kids are getting dressed. Trick or treating will commence shortly. Do you have your pumpkins carved? No! Well, we have a great solution for those last minute Halloween decorations!!\


Chalkola Markers – Great for Last Minute Halloween Decorations!!

We received some AWESOME markers to test out – and over the next few months we are putting them through their paces. I am not one to say nice things just because I got the markers for free to try out. I will speak honestly and show you the results no matter how they turn out.

We decided we would start our experimenting by trying these markers on pumpkins (they are non-porous right?). They worked great, and it was super easy to decorate (less than 5 minutes as a matter of fact).

You choose the design and just simple draw it out. If you make a mistake just grab a damp cloth, wipe it clean and start over. The markers draw on smoothly and the paint is nice and thick. The colors are vibrant and stand out nicely on the pumpkin.

Experiment number one, passed!! Keep an eye out for more tests for these markers – I’m not one to say they are great until I have tested them thoroughly.

What is Chalkola??

They are a chalk paint based marker. You can write on any non-porous surface. They will dry in place and wipe off quickly with a damp cloth.

Where Do I Get My Hands on These Markers??

These markers are on Amazon and for a very reasonable price.

They have two sets of markers:

  • a 6mm width (with 10 colors)
  • a 15mm width (with 8 colors).

Check them out on Amazon