Keto lifestyle is not a diet. I believe that “diets” are set up for failure. In order to stay healthy, and achieve long term success you must consider any dietary changes as a lifestyle. Time and time again I have said “I should eat healthier” and “I should get into shape”. Yet I would polish off another bag of candy; I would take the car to the store rather than walk. Nothing motivated me.

Every lifestyle choice is different, and not all work for everyone. I think we found ours. I say “we” as any lifestyle change needs to be as a family. It is very hard to stick to something when everyone around you isn’t there as support.

This does not mean you have to have the kids or husband eat exactly what you do, but they need to be aware of the lifestyle, support you in your choices and motivate you to succeed. It is even better if they join you in the adventure.

That is how our keto lifestyle emerged.

The Keto Lifestyle Adventure Begins …

It finally hit. The dreaded wall everyone warns you about when you hit 30+. Your metabolism takes a halt and you just aren’t as young as you used to be to eat all that junk.

The Hubby, my motivation to get healthy!

After a scare of extremely high blood pressure, a few years back he decided he needed to get healthy and back to a normal weight range. It was diet time. He rationed calories; jogged three times a week; skipped out on fats, carbs etc. We did ok, in three to four months he had shed nearly 40 pounds. After that we relaxed the “diet” and thought that was a good start.

Over the next few years he never gained back that 40 pounds, but he never lost more. We had relaxed to a somewhat healthy lifestyle. We had cut out a large amount of soda pop drinking, we kept an eye on his calorie intake and we went on walks on a regular basis.

Another bigger scare – an ER trip that resulted in a near heart attack. And He still had high blood pressure. Too close of a call for us… Medication was in order to regulate it. But after some time he just felt it was time to get it together and life healthier. Not only to loose the rest of the weight but to just feel better.

He decided things needed to change. He was going to start to jog again, he was going to eat better. I introduced the keto lifestyle to him and he said let’s do it!

Me, in a nutshell …

I am by no means over weight, or even close. I am actually bordering on underweight. So EVERYONE can use a healthier lifestyle – even the ones that “look” fit.

Many will look at me with envy, I’ll be honest. I can eat nearly anything, in any quantity and never gain a pound.

What they see is a girl who can down thousands and thousands of calories a day; a girl who eats so much sugar its a miracle she’s not diabetic; a girl who barely exercises. How can it get any better?

What they don’t see is that by mid-afternoon I’m burnt out, all I want to do is sleep. I wake up and life in pain from a sedentary lifestyle. I have a brain fog at all times and just feel like I live in a haze. I just have no energy for life. I do walk, I do stand for extended periods; but I couldn’t run if I was being chased by a bear.

I am a sugar addict – and yes sugar is a drug. It even comes with the withdrawal symptoms when you go without.

When my hubby said he wanted to get healthy and this time for good. I introduced the idea of a keto lifestyle – after hearing talk of it at work. Once he got excited about it; and excited about exercising it finally clicked in me – I need that too.

A healthy lifestyle and exercise is not just for those wanting to shed pounds. It is for everyone!

And so begins our keto lifestyle. I will be posting as we adventure through this new and unfamiliar world. Be sure to follow along. I also post a ton of pictures of our daily meals, fun successes and even the oops and bad days on Instagram too.