Halloween is one of those occasions that you want to cherish memories. The costumes are so cute and the kids are just so excited. Add in that Halloween decorations are just fun in their own right, it makes for an exciting holiday.

Creativity runs in my family (and my extended non-hereditary family as well) and my friends. I love seeing what form everyone expresses their creativity in. So, with this I have reached out to friends and family and asked to share their creativity with me. I plan to showcase these gems as I come across them.

The Creativity of Photography

This is a fun hobby for anyone, and a great career for those with the talent for it. My sister in law, Barb, is one of the lucky ones that gets to capture memories for a living. I asked her what she was doing for Halloween, and she has share with me her Halloween photos backdrop and props. It is a beautiful setting for some great family Halloween photos (with or without costumes).

There is creativity in taking the photos as well as developing the scene for the photos. In this case it’s some very well positioned supplies from local stores (like the dollar store and local Walmart). If you don’t have the funds for a professional photo shoot, you can easily create a background for your photos with some time and a few supplies.

halloween-photosThe Scene

This is where your creativity comes in, just let the imagination run wild.

You can theme it to match the costumes in the photos – if you have ghosts and zombies make it a grave site. If you have

  • Nature provides the perfect start for any Halloween photos. Fall has beautiful colors and it’s a great palette to work with.
  • Next take a trip to your local dollar store, Walmart or even a Halloween specialty store. Pick out a variety of spooky items like Barb has – some graves and signs.
  • You can choose to have everyone stand, or sit. You can also choose (as Barb has) to have some bales of hay to add to the scene.
  • Pumpkins are definitely a must for any Halloween photos you are planning take – you can choose to carve them as well.

The possibilities are endless, it depends what your creativity can come up with!

The Creative Photographer: Barb of Phoenix Photography

Phoenix Photography is a local photographer in Sudbury, Ontario. If you are in the vicinity I highly recommend her (and not because she’s family, because she’s great!). If you are not local then why not join her Facebook page and just see her creativity and use it for inspiration.

Phoenix Photography on Facebook

Share Your Halloween Photos!

I would love to see what you come up with this Halloween – and I love to see what costumes everyone dresses in! Come and share your photos on Facebook.