I have spent a few days surfing the world wide web for the Halloween craft ideas that seemed the most unique to me – the ones that caught my attention. I am a fairly picky person, and I don’t want to just do the same old ideas that I see floating around Pinterest and other sites. I like unique fun ways to decorate.

As this blog is brand new, and all the run around to get things started I have not created my own Halloween decor this year – so I turn to the other great crafters I love.

11 Unique Halloween Craft Ideas

I bring you eleven great ways to decorate this Halloween (don’t ask how I came up with the number 11, just where I ended up when I found all the ideas I liked).

Candy Corn Wine Bottles (brought to us by Sarah Lipoff on Pop Sugar)

These painted wine bottles are an elegant touch on Halloween. You can paint a full bottle and hand them out as adult treats this year. Another way is to use empty bottles and just have them as a decor item in your house.

Halloween Painted Candle Holders (by Laura at Make It Lovely)

These are SUPER cute home-made candle holders just in time for Halloween. It is a super easy thing to make too! Great for a last minute decor item.

Adorable Paper Ghost Treatholders (by Mr Printables)

Most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long time! Fill these little bundles of cuteness with a few treats and you will be sure to have one of the most unique Halloween craft ideas out there.

Anatomy of a Pumpkin Carving (by Noah at SkullaDay)

This takes pumpkin carving to a whole new level – and shows that a pumpkin does have a brain! This is a fun way to stand out on Halloween with an awesome looking carved pumpkin.

Monster Tags (by Amanda over at Crafts by Amanda)

I have followed Amanda’s blog for a long time, she has some great ideas for all ages. I think it’s an Amanda thing to be super crafty! These little monsters made from bread tags are fun. Imaging sealing up treat bags with them – so cute!!

Mmmmm Halloween Bark (by Kelly at Just a Taste)

I am totally a candy addict – I have admitted my addiction and I am proud of it! This looks yummy and I will be adding it to my wish list of items to make. I can’t imagine it NOT tasting great!

More Halloween Tasty Treats … Milkshakes to Pretty to Drink (by Kara’s Party Ideas)

These milkshakes just look too pretty to actually drink. But I bet they taste great as well. This is a fun way to add some pizzazz to your Halloween parties this year.

Fun with Mason Jars this Halloween (by House of Hawthornes)

The supplies needed are simple, and the end result is elegant and simple (in a great way!). A fun gift for a teacher – makes a great pencil holder.

Unique Ghost Decor (by Jennifer over at Town n Country)

Such a great idea, and it makes a very cute little ghost – no way is this ghost spooky. I am in love and when I have the room to decorate next Halloween he is a definite addition!

Spider Sacks (by Modern Parents Messy Kids)

The title of this one sounds icky, but they look super cool! A fun way to turn a light or entrance way into a Halloween chandelier. What better way to spook trick or treaters than to have spider sacks hanging from the ceiling.

Giant Spider (by Crafts n Coffee)

Now that you have some spider sacks hanging from the ceiling, add a giant spider to your decor.

Go Crazy with the Unique Halloween Craft Ideas

Love these? Create them all!! I plan to keep these aside for next Halloween too – I definitely want to re-create these myself, and wish I had had the time this year. I would love to see what you come up with!