11 Creatively Crafting approved FREE cross stitch patterns just for you! Who doesn’t love things that are free… you can never say “but it’s too expensive”. 

After a ton of time searching you can find a good little pile of free cross stitch patterns on this blog, but who has time for that!! 

Here’s 11 totally free cross stitch patterns for you. All in one place – no searching needed!

What’s the catch? It’s simple – join the Creatively Crafting Cross Stitch family. No, that does not cost anything either – this is all totaly free – no strings attached.

These free cross stitch patterns will be delivered to your email inbox over 11 days – one per day. You will never love your email so much! It’s an adorable stash of simple cross stitch patterns for you.


The List of 11 Free Cross Stitch Patterns:

This stash is adorable – you may have a hard time stitching them due to cuteness overload.

  • A Halloween Frog – yeah a frog you will actually want around!
  • St Patricks Day Luck – stitch yourself some luck.
  • Animal Kingdom Cuteness – it’s 4-in-1 you can make one pattern, or make four individual patterns.
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The free cuteness does not end there! You will keep getting these free cross stitch patterns EVERY day. Simply stash these all for your stitching pleasure – they would make great cards, bookmarks or small wall decorations. 


  • Monkeying Around – an adorable little monkey head for you. 
  • Loving You – Yes, I truly love you all, so here’s a pattern to show that. 
  • Hooooot – quirky little owl.
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A few more to add to the stash (and it doesn’t end yet) – be sure to share your WIP’s and finished pieces in the Creatively Crafting Cross Stitch Family FB Group.


  • Tinkerbell Cross Stitch – she’s my spirit animal, so there definitely needs to be a free tinkerbell pattern in this bundle.
  • Hearts Galore – heart made of hearts.
  • Cute Furball – A stitch buddy that will NOT get fur in your project, or steal your bobbins.
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On top of these nine simple free cross stitch patterns, there will be two that are a little more in depth cross stitches – with a few more colors and they are full coverage. 

  • Rose Cross Stitch – Flowers that will never fade. 
  • Happy Fall – Pumpkin spice season comes with many pretty colors, like this free cross stitch pattern.
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When signing up to the Creatively Crafting Cross Stitch Family and getting these free cross stitch patterns you will also get periodic emails all about cross stitch. 

I promise there will be no spam, and I won’t be emailing like crazy – just the stuff I know you will love!

You will get things like:

  • MORE free patterns
  • Great tips and tricks about all things cross stitch
  • Fun stitch challenges and contests
  • Discounts on my patterns, needleminders and thread conditioners
  • First to know about new products, sales and stitch alongs. 
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