11 Creatively Crafting approved FREE cross stitch patterns just for you! Who doesn’t love things that are free… you can never say “but it’s too expensive”. 

After a ton of time searching you can find a good little pile of free cross stitch patterns on this blog, but who has time for that!! 

Here’s 11 totally free cross stitch patterns for you. All in one place – no searching needed!

What’s the catch? It’s simple – join the Creatively Crafting Cross Stitch family. No, that does not cost anything either – this is all totaly free – no strings attached.

These free cross stitch patterns will be delivered to your email inbox over 11 days – one per day. You will never love your email so much! It’s an adorable stash of simple cross stitch patterns for you.


The List of 11 Free Cross Stitch Patterns:

This stash is adorable – you may have a hard time stitching them due to cuteness overload.

  • A Halloween Frog – yeah a frog you will actually want around!
  • St Patricks Day Luck – stitch yourself some luck.
  • Animal Kingdom Cuteness – it’s 4-in-1 you can make one pattern, or make four individual patterns.

The free cuteness does not end there! You will keep getting these free cross stitch patterns EVERY day. Simply stash these all for your stitching pleasure – they would make great cards, bookmarks or small wall decorations. 


  • Monkeying Around – an adorable little monkey head for you. 
  • Loving You – Yes, I truly love you all, so here’s a pattern to show that. 
  • Hooooot – quirky little owl.

    A few more to add to the stash (and it doesn’t end yet) – be sure to share your WIP’s and finished pieces in the Creatively Crafting Cross Stitch Family FB Group.


    • Tinkerbell Cross Stitch – she’s my spirit animal, so there definitely needs to be a free tinkerbell pattern in this bundle.
    • Hearts Galore – heart made of hearts.
    • Cute Furball – A stitch buddy that will NOT get fur in your project, or steal your bobbins.

      On top of these nine simple free cross stitch patterns, there will be two that are a little more in depth cross stitches – with a few more colors and they are full coverage. 

      • Rose Cross Stitch – Flowers that will never fade. 
      • Happy Fall – Pumpkin spice season comes with many pretty colors, like this free cross stitch pattern.

        When signing up to the Creatively Crafting Cross Stitch Family and getting these free cross stitch patterns you will also get periodic emails all about cross stitch. 

        I promise there will be no spam, and I won’t be emailing like crazy – just the stuff I know you will love!

        You will get things like:

        • MORE free patterns
        • Great tips and tricks about all things cross stitch
        • Fun stitch challenges and contests
        • Discounts on my patterns, needleminders and thread conditioners
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