Free Craft Samples, Supplies & Patterns – Yep! Totally Free!

Free craft samples and goodies are always nice. Who can say no to free craft stuff! These type of samples are not as popular as food samples or cleaning supply samples, but they are out there.

I’ve went on a hunt, save you the time. I am trying to just mention samples that don’t say they will expire, but they may – so claim these while you can. If something is expired I apologize – just comment below and I will update it.

If I come across something new I will be sure to add it in.

Let’s get to the freebies!


I have not signed up for all these free craft samples myself so I do not warrant the accuracy nor am I responsible for the results. 

The only ones I can attest for are my own freebies in this post – if you find that any of these don’t work feel free to contact me and I’ll update!

Free Patterns & Printables
Craft Supplies
Art Supplies& Samples
Free Patterns & Printables

Who doesn’t love free patterns & printables! 

  • Lion Brand: Tons of great free crochet and knitting patterns. Check them out.

Craft Supplies

Here’s a few fun supply craft samples. Like me I’m sure your motto is there is never a limit to the amount of craft supplies in your craft room!

  • Soft Touch Wire: Fill out a quick survey for a craft sample of their wire. Take Survey.
  • Flower Thread: Send them a self-addressed envelope and get a free skein of thread. More information.
  • Distinctive Fabrics: Sign up for their site and get free fabric swatches: sign up here.

Art Supplies& Samples

How about a few free art samples.


Can’t always get everything for free that would be too easy, here’s a few great coupons too!

  • Michaels Craft Store: Always great coupons! I live for their coupons – I have the app on my phone and I load it up as I walk in the door. If the coupon is REALLY good that week I make a special trip just for it! See how much you save today.
  • A Creatively Crafter Etsy Shoppe: On top of my free pattern I’ve also got a coupon for cross stitch patterns. Simply go shopping in my Etsy store and use the coupon CRAFTSAMPLE.

More Free Cross Stitch Patterns

I want to be the first to admit, I love FREE patterns. I know that is fairly obvious – who doesn’t love free right?

As mentioned above you can sign up (for free) to my Creatively Cross Stitching Club and get a free pattern, and more freebies each month. 

Also, jump over to the Creatively Cross Stitch Shoppe and sort by lowest price.

You will see two patterns at $0 and they are available as soon as you check out your cart.


Hope you enjoyed all these free craft samples, and be sure to leave comments below if you find any other great samples.

Have You Found MORE Free Craft Samples?

As I have not scoured every corner of the world wide web, I likely missed some awesome freebies. I do also come back to this post on occasion and add as I find more goodies.

Comment below and share your free finds too!





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