Free craft samples and goodies are always nice. Who can say no to free craft stuff! These type of samples are not as popular as food samples or cleaning supply samples, but they are out there.

I’ve went on a hunt, save you the time. I am trying to just mention samples that don’t say they will expire, but they may – so claim these while you can. If something is expired I apologize – just comment below and I will update it.

If I come across something new I will be sure to add it in.

Let’s get to the freebies!

Okay, now to the free craft stuff! I have divided these into 6 categories.

  • Free Craft Printables and Patterns
  • Free Crafting Supplies
  • Free Art Supply Samples
  • Craft Coupons
  • Free Craft Paper Samples
  • Other Free Crafts Stuff

Disclaminer:  I have not signed up for all these free craft samples myself so I do not warrant the accuracy nor am I responsible for the results. The only ones I can attest for are my own freebies in this post – if you find that any of these others don’t work feel free to contact me and I’ll update them right away!

Also: this post includes affiliate links: this means I do get a small reward for sharing these with you (at no cost to you) and I use all those pennies towards my own crafting supplies to keep this blog’s creativity going

Free Craft Printables

Let’s start with the free digital stuff – Free craft printables, including a ton of free patterns of all sorts!

Who doesn’t love free patterns & printables!

Of course not everything in life can be free. But the good news is when you pay for the item, you get alot more! Plus, if you get a great deal, you still win!

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Free Crafting Supplies

Now that we have our fix of free craft printables and digital freebies, let’s move on to the free craft samples – the REAL free crafting supplies.

  • Flower Thread: Send them a self-addressed envelope and get a free skein of thread. More information.
  • Free T-Shirt: Its plain but that’s a great start for a craft – get a free t-shirt. You can use this t-shirt in a ton of great craft ideas, I’m thinking fun with Tye Dye!
  • Fabric Swatches: There are a ton of places to get free fabric swatches (and be sure to watch out, I’ve got some great craft ideas coming for fabric swatches – so join here to get an email when they are ready)
    • Distinctive Fabrics: Sign up for their site and get free fabric swatches: sign up here.
    • Curtains Curtains Curtains: Yep, some more free fabric swatches.
    • Pottery Barn Fabric Samples: Great store, and even better – free fabric.
  • Saral Paper: Free Wax Transfer Paper is a great start to MANY different craft ideas.
  • Big Words: Who doesn’t love stickers! Here’s a place to get free stickers for crafting.
  • Flowers by Design: Here’s a place you can request some free artificial flowers for your crafting needs.
  • Ecos Paints: Need a small amount of paint for a craft project? Click here to get free craft samples of paint.
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Here are some Amazon deals on crafting supplies:

*affiliate links: this means I do get a small reward for sharing these with you (at no cost to you) and I use all those pennies towards my own crafting supplies to keep this blog’s creativity going*

Free Art Supply Samples

Let’s add in some more free craft samples – FREE art supplies!

Amazon deals for Teacher Art Supplies

Craft Coupons

Of course, instead of hunting for free craft samples, you can be a coupon guru!

Craft stores are GREAT for giving awesome coupons, and if you play the game right YOU end up with the amazing deal – it’s almost as good as free stuff (I did say “almost”).

  1. Michaels – check out this week’s coupon
  2. Hobby Lobby – check out this week’s craft coupon
  3. Joanns – check out this week’s coupon

I’ve also got a coupon set up on my Etsy shoppe as a thank you for reading this post! Simply go shopping in my Etsy store and use the coupon CRAFTSAMPLE.

Another great way to get free craft samples is to sign up for free trials and doing surveys. Of course, you either need to pay after the trial, or cancel in time – but it does start out free.

  • Amazon Pantry: This is great for those that love kitchen crafting (a.k.a. baking or cooking) it gets you great deals on all your pantry needs. Get a Free Trial.
  • Swagbucks: This is a fun site filled with surveys, which is free to join. You take them and gain points to get free stuff, you can even get points just for doing your regular shopping on Amazon and Etsy! Join Swagbucks
  • Amazon Music: Nothing boosts creativity like music! Get a free trial today.

Other Great Free Craft Samples

On top of just hunting for free craft samples and free craft stuff, you can also join some fun craft swaps. This is when you join a group and everyone creates something for someone else, and mails it. The are SOOO fun!

There are two great places to get in on some craft swapping:

  • Craftsers: This is a super fun forum, and amoung all the creativity are craft swaps to join.
  • Swapbot: This site rounds up all sorts of swaps, including craft swaps.

Hope you enjoyed all these free craft samples, and be sure to leave comments below if you find any other great samples.