Most sewing rooms have a corner full of fabric scraps and swatches – they will not go to waste with this fabric scrap craft

Many places offer out free craft samples of fabric – not only is that awesome because it’s free, but also because there area  ton of great crafts with fabric swatches you can create. 

Like this fabric scrap craft – a fun and easy pin cushion. Every sewing stations needs a pin cushion and how much cooler does it get than a hand-made pin cushion to help keep track of your needles.

Pin Cushion Fabric Scrap Craft

I can say with 100% truth that this is truly a fun and EASY sewing project. How am I so sure? I am a totally newbie with my sewing machine. I have only had it for a few months, and have not gotten a ton of practice.

I made this fabric swatch pin cushion on my first try. I’m learning it’s so fun to play with the sewing machine, not scary at all!

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Pin Cushion Supplies List:

Not only is this an easy project to create, the list of supplies necessary is small too!

  • 2 fabric scraps (ideal size would be around 5″ x 5″)
  • 2 cups of sand
  • 2 nice matching buttons

Of course, you will also need your thread, fabric scissors and sewing machine.


What to Fill a Pin Cushion With?

Above I mentioned sand – that is one option – but there are many more options when filling a pin cushion.

Here’s just a few ideas:

  • Emery Sand
  • Sawdust
  • Fabric Scraps – Yep, you can even use them as filling!
  • Steel Wool
  • Ground Walnut Shells
  • Lavender – and it will smell amazing!
  • Polyester filling (like you use for pillows)Get

How to Make a Pin Cushion out of Fabric Scraps


Time to get sewing! This fabric scrap craft will be so much fun. Let’s move over to the sewing machine now.


  1. Pick out for fabric scraps – you will need two of even size. Ideally around 5″ x 5″ or so. If you go bigger you will need more filling.
  2. Cut your squares to equal size using your fabric scissors. (I personally highly recommend the Fiskar Fabric Scissors)
  3. Place the two squares of fabric on top of each other – with the pattern size facing each other. So you will have the back sides of each piece showing.
  4. Start sewing in the middle of one side – leaving about a half inch spacer from the edge.
  5. When you get to a corner to a 90 degree pivot and continue to sew around all edges of your fabric scrap.
  6. Once you are back around the first side, leave about a one inch opening in the fabric (we will hand sew that part after).
  7. Trim the corners of the fabric (but be sure not to cut on the stitched stop – or you will end up with a hole)
  8. Now feed the fabric through that one inch hole, this will turn your fabric right side out – so you can see the design.
  9. Our fabric swatch pin cushion is now read for stuffing. I have chosen sand – supposedly it helps keep the needles sharp. Using a funnel fill your pin cushion until it is full.
  10. Close up the hole. You can do with with a basic whip stitch or a ladder stitch (if you don’t want to see your stitching). Not sure how to do a ladder stitch? Here’s a great tutorial for a ladder stitch (I used it myself)
  11. Once it is all closed up, you can add the buttons. One goes on the front and one on the back. Loop them around each other nice and tight so the filling is nice and firm.

There you have it! Your very own pin cushion fabric scrap craft – ready to get to work!