My Etsy Store & Etsy Codes & Goodies

Looking for some Etsy codes? Coupons or Free listings? I’ve got them both!

I do have a variety of my cross stitch patterns here in my Creatively Crafting Store but it is by far not all the patterns I have made.

Etsy has always been a love of mine. I adore anything hand made and the creativity that comes out of the shops on Etsy amazes me and inspires me! I was super excited to be able to open up my own store. I have started with cross stitch patterns but I have pages (and pages) of ideas for other hand made products and creations to sell.

I was a total newbie when I started out on Etsy, but the process was SUPER easy. I was making sales within a month!

(I do plan on blogging in much more detail about my Etsy adventures and all the tips I can share for success) — Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I thought I would share my little Etsy shop with you all. This way you can see all my products as they are created and if you have an Etsy account it makes it super easy to order.


Be sure to take a peak around and see all the creativity I create (which will start to be a lot more!). I will even give you a little discount if you see something you like.


Use this Etsy code and get 25% off your item. Just a little way to say thank you for stopping by!

Are You Dreaming of Being An Etsy Seller?

Do you want to start up your own shop? Think you have some little gem of creativity that the world would love to see?

Here’s 40 free listings just for signing up a shop. It is how I started and I have sold a number of items before I even ran out of my first 40 free listings!

You get started by signing up and I will work on that blog post about successfully starting up an Etsy store.

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