Fun & Easy Quail Craft for Kids

quail crafts

Thinking of the ABCs and trying to tie them to crafts I realized that there are very few crafts for things that start with Q.

So, the challenge began.

It resulted in this bundle of cuteness.

Introducing my easy quail craft – what an adorable bird craft for kids!

Super cute & really easy to make!

Supplies for this Quail Craft:

The supplies for this easy quail craft are pretty simple and can all be bought at the dollar store.

Or if your like me you have theses all horded away in your craft room!

  • Paper rolls.
  • White tissue paper.
  • Craft foam – brown, beige, white and orange.
  • Black marker.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.

Great Deal on Craft Foam!

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How to Make This Easy Quail Craft:

This easy quail craft is a fun way to teach the kids about something that begins with the letter Q, as well as learn about a lesser known bird.

easy quail craft

Let’s start with the craft foam. You will need cut outs of the follow:

  • Two sets of wings (one in brown, and one in beige). These will be large enough to wrap around your paper roll.
  • One set of smaller wings (in beige or brown, your choice). These will be about half the size of your large wings.
  • Two orange feet.
  • An orange triangle for a beak.
  • Two white circles for eyes.

Set all your craft foam bits aside.

Grab a piece of white tissue paper and fold it into 5 or 6 folds. Cut an oval out of it (about the size of your paper roll).

Fray one end of the tissue paper. I did this by cutting slits into it. Glue each piece onto your paper roll, slightly overlapped – so you can see the frays along the bottom.

Now for the rest of the gluing. Wrap your wings around the paper roll – so the white belly is in the center.

Glue on the smaller wings.

Next up glue on the feet and beak. Add your white eyes.

Using a black marker draw pupils onto your eyes. As well add some decorative spots of your quail craft body.

Great! Your are all done. Your easy quail craft is ready for display!

easy quail craft for kids

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