Downloadable Cross Stitch Patterns

Downloadable cross stitch patterns are the new way to get your stitch fix. If you go to a craft store nowadays and look at the cross stitch section – the selection is minimal! 

The greatest way to get beautiful cross stitch patterns (or even unique custom cross stitch patterns) is to grab downloadable cross stitch patterns.

Downloadable Cross Stitch Patterns Are NOT that Scary!

It sounds intimidating to download a file and be left with just that for your next cross stitch project. 

Trust me it is not as scary as you think. You may be scared that you have just this image on your screen and not sure where to go next. 

Here’s a step by step on how to approach using downloadable cross stitch patterns:

  1. Pick a pattern.
  2. Print your cross stitch pattern.
  3. Print the color chart. 
  4. Go shopping.
  5. Start stitching!

Get a Free Downloadable Cross Stitch Pattern

Picking a Cross Stitch Pattern

Decide on what image you want to stitch, there are so many options. 

I have a ton of great ones on my Etsy store

Or you can get a custom pattern made (I do that too!). All you need is a high resolution image that you wish to stitch and simply contact me for a free sample and quote

Here’s a few samples of some amazing downloadable cross stitch patterns:

Check out my Shoppe if you want to buy one of these patterns

Print Out Your Pattern

Now it is time to print out your cross stitch pattern. 

All of my patterns (and most others you will find online) come with a few things in the file.

  • Color Chart
  • Color Pattern
  • B&W Pattern

The color chart you will need for your shopping trip. It has the colors you will need, the number of skeins and the size of cloth for the project. 

As for the pattern to print, that choice is yours. 

B&W vs Color Patterns

Black and white patterns have a pro and a con. 

PRO – it saves you on color ink usage. 

CON – it is a bit more difficult to follow along as you stitch.

Color patterns are a lot easier to read when stitching.  

My stitching option: Splurge on the ink usage, especially for larger projects. With the black and white version there is more risk for errors. 

Get a Free Downloadable Cross Stitch Pattern

Cross Stitch Supply Shopping

Your downloadable cross stitch patterns will come with a color chart. This will give you all the information you need to get the rest of your supplies for the project. 

Here is an example:

This tells you that you need an aida cloth that is 7″ x 8.19″ if you do the pattern on the suggested 16-count. 

The color chart will also give you all your necessary colours – I like to provide both the DMC and ANCHOR color codes. 

The last piece of information you need is the skeins count. In brackets you will see the number of skeins you need of each color. 

Most are less than one, so you will always have left overs – which you keep tucked away for another project! 

I love seeing progress pictures of ALL cross stitch projects, and I am happy to help by answering questions along your stitching journey. 

Join our Cross Stitch Addicts FB group for a ton of cross stitch talk!

I hope you have a ton of fun with your new downloadable cross stitch patterns.

Happy Stitching!