Time for a Doodle Challenge! Harness your doodle mastery skills with this fun doodle a day doodle challenge. This is NOT just for artists or those that can draw. EVERYONE can doodle!

It is scientifically proven that doodling relieves stress (okay, maybe that’s not totally true – but it’s what I firmly believe).

Webster’s Dictionary defines a doodles as “an aimless or casual scribble, design, or sketch”. 

With this doodle challenge you will be given a word to aimlessly scibble a design that represents that word to you. 

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Doodle a Day Doodle Challenge

Let’s get to the creative fun – a doodle challenge! 

This is not a “drawing” challenge. This means that artist skills are not necessary, it is simply to have fun doodling each day. 

What to do:


  • Review the list of 30 prompts for the “theme” of each doodle.
  • Print out the printable with those 30 prompts so you can mark off as you complete them. 
  • Grab some markers or crayons (make it colorful!)
  • With the printable for the 30 prompts there is also a page to doodle ON. It is got a line to represent the ground (be it outside or inside) you will doodle all your items onto that page and slowly make a fun scene by the end of our 30 days. 
  • Share your end doodle creation with me on Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #doodleadaychallenge

30 Day Doodle Challenge


Time to get doodling!!


1. Table or Desk – some hard surface (there may be future doodles that need a place to be put on)

2. Pencil or Pen – we can’t have a doodle challenge with a pen or pencil!

3. Kitten 0r Cat – well, just because… cats are my favorite people.

4. Magical Fairy – if you know me at all, you know that a certain tinkering fairy is my spirit animal.

5. Sweet Candy – pick your favorite one.

6. Big Tree – doodle a beautiful tree.

7. Comfy Seat – if you had a few minutes to just sit, where would you sit?

8. Funky Socks – because plain white ones are boring.

9. Favorite Flower – what’s your favorite flower?

10. Ice Cream – because it’s so yummy!

11. Cute Bunny – their floppy ears are so fun to doodle!

12. Favorite Food – what’s your favorite food?

13. Happy Face – because it makes us happy!

14. Water Drops – get creative on what kind of water drops.

15. Favorite Animal – what’s your favorite animal?

16. Sparkly Unicorn – is a unicorn not the coolest if it’s sparkly!

17. Bright Rainbow – add some colors to your doodles.

18. Teddy Bear – picture a teddy bear you would want to snuggle with.

19. Bunch of Balloons – opportunity for more fun colors.

20. Flying Bird – add some motion to your scene.

21. Scented Candle – get creative on how to doodle the scent part. 

22. Favorite Book – what’s your favorite book?

23. Coffee Mug – because coffee is lovely.

24. Sun Shining – think bright, think warm. 

25. Butterfly – because they are so pretty.

26. Fluffy Cloud – don’t you just want to snuggle them. 

27. Yummy Cake – my favorite is ice cream cake!

28. Favorite Hobby – what’s your favorite hobby?

29. Goofy Clown – I am petrified of clowns so think goofy, happy ones. 

30. Comfy Pillow – think afternoon nap! 

Printable Doodle Challenge


There are two things in this printable doodle challenge. 

  1. The 30 prompt sheet.
  2. A doodle sheet for you to add all your doodles to.

Print these and get creative! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Now grab your printed doodle challenge, some fun colored markers (or pencil crayons) and get doodling!

I want to see what you make! Share it with me on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag


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