Every tree needs a Skirt! This is an awesomely super simple DIY Christmas Tree Skirt you can make in literally fifteen minutes!

Easiest DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

So each year I look at my tree and there is SOMETHING missing. I refuse to pay outrageous dollars for tree blankets – there is no creativity in the tree skirts in the store.

This year I thought I would make my own. What better way to skirt you tree than a present!

Not only will this DIY Christmas tree skirt look adorable, it is super easy to make. You likely have all the ingredients right in your decoration stash.

Supplies for this DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

Cardboard box

Favourite wrapping paper



Fun, sparkly bow


Ready for the easiest Christmas craft of the season?

Steps to Recreate this Tree Skirt

First things first, find a box that will fit over the tree stand for YOUR own tree. I was lucky my stand is slightly adjustable so it made it a little easier of a hunt.

I got TOTALLY luck and the first box I found was a perfect match! What are the odds!

Okay, onwards with our decorating.

Cut the flaps off your box. Place the tree stand in it – and trace there the center so you can place the top of the stand through it.

Next should be the easiest part – it is something you do over and over at this time of year.

Wrap your tree skirt.

We are done. Yep! That is it!

Start the Tree Decorating with your DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

Now simply put your stand in the box. Put up your tree and add the bow.

I went for a totally, super sparkly bow – because I can’t live without sparkles!

How did your turn out?

Take it One Step Further

You can add other mini presents the top of your DIY Christmas tree skirt; or even a cute gift tag.

Change it up every year – pick different wrapping paper styles, add different bows.

Share Your Ideas!

I am always interested in hear ideas about unique ways to decorate for Christmas. This is my FAVORITE time of year for decorating – I go a little crazy!

Comment below! Share your ideas with me!