Stained Glass Cross Stitch SAL

Who doesn’t love a cross stitch SAL? I know I am in love with them! Hence why I’ve started to create my own.

Another one of my true loves is Disney. Okay, some may call it an obsession. I truly believe you are NEVER, EVER too old for Disney!

After falling in love with Mandie Manzano’s art work – especially her stained glass Disney inspired pieces I decided I needed these in cross stitch. So off I went to talk to Mandie – she is such a sweetheart! With her blessing I have started a stained glass cross stitch SAL inspired by her art pieces.

A Little History about the Large Version of this Cross Stitch SAL

This massive adventure began in September 2018. We did a re-run from May 2020 to January 2022.

We have also did a Stained Optionals SAL from May 2020 to January 2022. This gave another 21 patterns to match this series!

We are also currently in a run of this that started Jan 2022 – but many, MANY people are asking me to get in. So I’ve made the decision to begin another run!

These cross stitch stitch alongs are both 21 month adventure and a MASSIVE project in terms of size.

  • Each panel was 144 stitches by 432 stitches
  • The entire project will be a whopping 1008 x 1296 stitches – each! Double that if you chose to do both.

This can be a BIG undertaking for many – each of these are around 62,000 stitches in size. It is not an easy task. I have a solution for those that don’t want to commit to something that big.

Do These Sound TOO Massive of a Cross Stitch SAL??

These patterns are definitely expert level stitching. They are big, and confetti heavy. But that shouldn’t scare you away! They are soooo worth it! It will be worth the learning curve, and time.

If these are just too big an undertaking for you, we will be launching a “mini” version. They won’t necessarily be MINI, but they will be half the size, and half the floss colors.

This will reduce the detail of these pieces, but they are still pretty in a simpler sense. Here is a comparison.

If you are still interested in the larger versions, you can purchase them individually on our Etsy shoppe. Check them out here

The “mini” versions are just shy of 20,000 stitches each – instead of the 62,000 for the large version.

Currently these smaller versions are only being offered as a Disney Stitch Along – Stained Mini’s that started March 2022. They will be available individually at a later date – probably around spring 2023.

We are starting with 30 of these pieces. There are more, and those will release individually afterwards.

By popular demand, a second run of this Stained Mini SAL will start too!

Disney Stich Along – Reruns by Popular Demand!

We are starting these stitch along again! You have three to choose from – 2 large sized and the mini. All will have the same release dates, but prices vary.

There will also be a bundle option – where you can sign up for both large sized – or all three!

  • 1 pattern delivered to you each month on the 15th. Announcements and Floss Lists go out on the 1st.
  • Starts February 2023, and goes for 21 months (the two large sized) and 30 months (the mini) so you can collect them all.
  • You can cancel anytime and just wouldn’t have access to upcoming patterns.

These patterns will be retailed (when they go public) at $17 each (large size) and $10 each (mini size)!


Sign Ups Close February 10th

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