I am in love with all things Disney and that includes Disney cross stitch patterns. I’m working on my first, but have a long list of others I want to stitch. I think it may just take me 20 years to get through the list (if it doesn’t get longer).

Disney Cross Stitch Patterns

disney-cross-stitchWith Disney being one of my many obsessions, I have a ton of beautiful Disney cross stitch patterns for you. They will not all be listed here but I want to show off a few.

Take a peak at my Etsy shoppe for all my cross stitch patterns (there is about 45 different ones and the list keeps growing every day).

I have taken the time to create some very detailed Disney cross stitch patterns. The finished product of any of these patterns will be large – anywhere from 30 to 48 inches wide. That is the only way to capture the detail in the images.

These will make beautiful centerpiece pictures for any room.

New to Cross Stitch?

If this is your first round at cross stitching, keep in mind cross stitch projects are very time consuming – especially large ones like these. The end result is well worth the time and effort.

I do suggest practicing on a small pattern first so that your technique is solid before tackling these – you do not want to make a mistake mid-pattern on any of these!

Take a look at my getting started guide to the world of cross stitch for a ton of great tips and a shopping list so you have all your supplies.

Disney Cross Stitch Pattern Highlights

Here are my top four Disney patterns from my Etsy shoppe. Reminder: These patterns are large and will take time to complete (but it’s soo worth it!).


The villains of Disney don’t get enough time in the spotlight. They are just as deserving of the attention – even if they are the bad guy.


Of course, we have to give the princesses their moment of fame – they are the princesses! This shows all the top Disney princesses.


I stumbled across this collage image one day and thought it was such a unique image and it NEEDED to be a cross stitch pattern. All the best Disney characters are featured – I just wish Tinkerbell was bigger!


My newest addition to the Disney Villains line up – this one is so fun because it not only features four great villains, it has their evil minions too!

Have a Great Idea for a Disney Cross Stitch Pattern?

Share your ideas with me, I am always looking for new ideas for patterns. Send me a message with a Disney character you would like to see. If I create a pattern from your idea I will email you!