You heard it right, cross stitch has its own dedicated home on Creatively Crafting – I am addicted to stitching!

I am in love with themes, and having themes each day just sounds like fun to me! Of course, you can always read any posts on any day – but I will be posting different themes each day. Let’s start with introducing Saturdays.

cross stitch

Saturdays will be dedicated to cross stitch and everything about it! This is one of my favourite hobbies and I can proudly say I am addicted! It is a topic I can talk about forever, plus I have started creating patterns so that makes it even more fun.

What Sort of Stuff will you see on Stitchin’ Saturdays?

The day will be filled with cross stitch stuff like:

  • Resources: All sorts of fun tips and tricks for your cross stitch projects, help getting started in the hobby, training on how to tackle the big projects and more.
  • Patterns: Access to free patterns, highlights on patterns I have created, tips on reading patterns and more.
  • Progression: I love seeing the progression of a cross stitch – I will share how my projects are going and want to see how you are coming along too!

This will not be the be all and end all of what you will see on Stitchin’ Saturdays – but it gives you an idea of what is to come.

Want More Cross Stitch Fun?

If a post on a Saturday here and there is not enough cross stitch for you – well no worries!! I’ve started up a cross stitching club of sorts.

Creatively Cross Stitching

This stitching club will be a monthly email (to start) filled with all sorts of awesome! Learn More…

Miss a post?

There is no need to worry if you miss a post. I will be taking each Stitchin’ Saturday post and putting them on one page so you can peruse through everything in one place.

See all the posts here — Cross Stitch World

Wolrd of Cross Stitching - Getting Started






Keep your eyes out for our Stitchin Saturday posts!