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This little creative haven of mine is filled with ALL sorts of creativity. If you are looking specifically for my cross stitch related stuff, you have come to the right place!

Every time I post anything related to cross stitching I will add it in here so you never miss a stitching tip.

cross stitch worldCross Stitching Tips & Tricks

This hobby is a great way to relieve stress, and does take patience as it takes quiet some time to finish any larger project.

Here’s some great resources to perfect this hobby:

Free Cross Stitch Patterns

From time to time I offer out some free patterns for everyone. When will you see these? It’s a surprise – sometimes on holidays, other times just because I want to give you a freebie.

Here’s all the Creatively Crafting free patterns:

I do create a ton of cross stitch patterns, if you have a few dollars to spend check out the Creatively Crafting store for all our unique patterns.

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Cross Stitch World Amazon Deals

I love Amazon, okay maybe a little addicted. There are such good deals!

Affiliate Note: I do get a small commission from Amazon sales. I use these commissions to pay for my craft supply shopping. 

Creatively Craftings Stitch Along Folks:

Here’s a puzzle for you, literally! To help you figure out which panel is next!


NOW! Don’t cheat and look at the puzzle preview – don’t ruin the fun for yourself!


When you are done, share your finished puzzle. First finish puzzle posted will get a little surprise from me 🙂

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