Stitchee Wisdom #1: Cross Stitch Tips for Beginners

The first of our series of Stitchee Wisdom – brought to you by Stitchee Cora!

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Every wish you had a list of great tips for getting started at a new hobby? New to cross stitch and not sure what you are missing? Well we got you!

Stitchee Cora was a beginner and has spent some time compiling a list of cross stitch tips for beginners she wished she had known. 

I will also add in a bit of my own two cents at the bottom (though I haven’t been a beginner for too many years hehe)

Things you will find in this post:

  • Cora will share those knowledge nuggets of things she wished she knew as a beginner cross stitcher. 
  • Not a reader? She did a FlossTube for us too!
  • Learn about what Stitchee Wisdom is, and what a Stitchee is. 

Not a newbie? That’s okay, trust me . . . this is a hobby  you will ALWAYS learn something new. Have a read! Comment below YOUR tips too!! 

Things I Wish I Knew . . .

Cross stitch tips for beginners, in the eyes of a beginner. 

First off, let’s introduce Cora! 


My name is Cora and I have been cross stitching for just over two years.

I am a French Canadian, mom of 2 girls who is very involved and excited about life.

I love learning new things especially crafts and throw myself in it full body. I love sharing my love of cross stitch with anyone I meet.

I have a variety of interests from crafts, to sports, to books etc… Being social and meeting new people is my jam, feel free to reach out and teach me something new!

Also I’m highly judging people who drink soda first thing in the morning! Like howwwwww

Right from the Stitchee’s mouth (well more her fingers seeming she typed this haha)

My stitchee wisdom (if you are visual check out this Youtube video I created with some of these tips and how I used some of the below items) – so see below this for a link to the FlossTube!

Cross Stitch Tips for Beginners (and everyone else)

  • Just try it, its not as complicated as it looks.
  • Frogger is very helpful when pulling out stitches, it helps save your regular needle.
  • Scissor fob, I don’t lose my scissors between the couch cushions anymore and they are very cute!
  • Floss drop: store your floss in a dangling fashion to avoid creases from the bobbins.
  • Bobbins: PLASTIC (or wooden) not paper, they hold the floss in place and don’t break with use.
  • You may be a super faster stitcher or a super slow stitcher either way you do what you can and take on projects that you are able to do and finish but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.
  • Q-snaps: these were life changing for me, I can see my entire project and stitch much faster on bigger projects, they are easy to use and set up which was the biggest perk.
  • Nurge hoops: much better than wooden hoops, secures the fabric in place and wont cause as much tension loss.
  • You don’t need a fancy room or space to stitch, you can stitch anywhere!
  • Don’t be intimidated by those around you who stitch and take on massive projects, if you want to get there you will with time. Be kind to yourself.
  • Memberships, clubs etc… are not mandatory but for me they made me feel like I was part of something, and they helped get my stitching bug back when I lost motivation.
  • There are tons of subscription services for cross stitching, boxes with kits, advent calendars etc… if you want something you can find it. Don’t be afraid to ask other stitchers what they received and what they think about them.
  • Checkout videos on youtube (called Flosstubes) for any questions you have about cross stitching.
  • Free groups on Facebook are the best for encouragement, motivation and to make new friends. I joined a few that had challenges, these were the best at helping me motivate myself to work on pieces that I had been working on for a long time and had lost interest in.
  • Being a stitchee has given me so much more than just amazing patterns by Amanda, I’ve created friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • I never understood why people bought so many patterns they didn’t plan on stitching or more than they could ever stitch in a life time but as you get more involved into the community it becomes about supporting each other, whether it be buying patterns, fabric, accessories, watching Flosstubes, commenting on posts or blogs. We help each other succeed and create a wonderful support system of online stitchers.
  • I never thought I would meet the amazing people I have met through these groups, I have only been stitching two years and felt like such a newbie and so silly when asking questions but I noticed people who have been stitching for years as some of the same questions, techniques change and new things come up we are always learning and have likeminded people who respect each other is a great way to grow our knowledge of the craft.


And last but not least the best advice is that this is for fun!

You can find groups with competitions but just remember that it is for fun, if you don’t enjoy it there is no point in doing it!

Joining ‘competitions’ doesn’t mean you need to be the best or fastest stitcher, it is all in fun and to engage with people who love the same craft as you.

You do your best and let other people take care of themselves.

Stitchee Wisdom Series

This is a series of all sorts of knowledge nuggets from our Stitchee Collective. There will be a ton of great information here brought to you from all over the world, and all levels of stitcher! 

A number of our Stitchees have volunteered to spread the knowledge of stitching — one of the things I love the most about the cross stitching community is the love, kindness and generosity. Everyone just has a true love for this hobby and is happy to share #allthethings to help others love the hobby as much as they do. 

Currently this is the only one in the series, as we are just starting, but coming soon you will see a list of all released ones here! 

Some topics coming soon:

  • Dealing with your tension
  • How to come back to stitching after a big break
  • WIP Rotations
  • Blending thread 

And soo much more! 

What’s a Stitchee?

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You will never hear that from a Stitchee! We get you!


The Stitchee Collective is:

  • Total positivity – always happy and having fun.
  • Always inspiring each other to be creative.
  • Celebrate every win, even the little ones, even non-stitchings ones.
  • People that “get” you.
  • Only the BEST family a stitcher can have!

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