Have you decided to start up cross stitching? Here’s a great list of the must have cross stitch supplies to get this hobby off the ground. I will go through all those items you will need when sitting down for some stitching.


Note: You will see some Amazon ads throughout the post – this is because they have great deals on everything you need. I will note that I am an affiliate with them and I get a small commission for any sales (but your price at Amazon is not affected by this).

Cross Stitch Supplies:

Aida Cloths

This is necessary to create any cross stitch. If you buy cross stitch kits they will include everything you need, but I find it is a great idea to have a variety of cloths on hand for any projects you want to create.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Stitch count. This is the number of stitch squares in an inch. Most patterns will call for a 12 or 14 count.
  • Type of fabric. This all depends what look you want.

When you go to use a piece of cloth for a project I suggest taping the edges to save it from fraying. This type of cloth will tend to fray. Simply tape the edges with masking tape.


This is another necessity. These two items are cross stitch supplies you can’t work without. My only suggestion here is NOT to use sewing needles. They are sharp and blood isn’t easy to get out of cloth!

There are needles made for stitching that have a blunt end.


The string all depends on the project you are creating. Every project will come with a list of the colors you will need. You have a few options:

  • You can build a stash if you buy bundles as you need. These bundles have much more than you need for a project. As you finish projects you will end up creating a stash with your left overs – they will build up.
  • Buy a variety of the most common colors. With this route you will need to top up the odds and ends you need for each project.

Download a FREE cross stitch shopping list to use for your next project.


This is the last of the necessary cross stitch supplies. This will hold you project as you work on it. I find it is handy to have a few sizes – for each of your sizes of patterns. These are really inexpensive.

There is also the option of frames and other holders if you have some spending money.


You have a few choices:

  • Buy digital patterns and buy your string and cloth.
  • Buy kits (these will have all the supplies you need included)
  • Freehand it (now that’s a talent!)

Goodies (some on my wish list)

There are a lot of other fun accessories you can add in as you get into things.

  • String organizers
  • Supply holders
  • Magnifiers

Not sure where to start? We’ve made a post all about getting started with cross stitching. We will be here every step of the way!