Cross Stitch Stitch Along – Magical SAL 2019

Cross stitch is by far my favorite hobby and stitch along’s are soo much fun! Well there’s big news! Creatively Crafting is hosting it’s second SAL! 

This magical stitch along will be 6 months of pure fantasy!

It’s finally time for the details of this magical SAL!

I’m super excited about this one! It was inspired by the beautiful line art (or ribbon art as she calls it) of Mandie Manzano. (and, for those that will ask, she has given permission for me to inspire myself by her art)

This SAL will be 6 months in length – there will be 12 patterns released (bi-monthly).

Other than the few hints in the images, and a sample panel that I have stitched, the rest will be a mystery! I love secrets!

Here’s a few details:

  • SAL opens up on February 1st and first pattern will be sent out on February 2nd – each pattern will be sent of the first and third Saturdays of the month.
  • Each panel will be 5″ x 8″ on 18 count 
  • These will look best on a dark cloth, black is my preference.
  • I will provide both regular color options AND a metallic thread option where applicable.
  • There is full cross stitches, as well as three quarter stitches, french knots (trust me they are fun!), back stitching and a few other really fun stitches. And don’t worry I will be jumping on to show you how to do all the stitches, if you need it.
  • There will be an additional 8 panels that you can purchase individually (at a members discount), or upgrade your membership to include them.

What will this cost?

  • I know this is the burning question! It is VERY reasonable! It works out to just $3.75  a pattern!
    Membership will be $45 – or you can choose to pay monthly for the six months and it would be $10/month.
  • Upgrade to the Magical Plus membership to include the additional 8 panels – $75 or monthly would be $15/month.

What do I get with membership?

  • A fun welcome gift – in the ACTUAL mail (yep, like snail mail) which will include a mystery gift!
  • You will receive emails with each panel (bi-monthly). If you upgrade to the additional 8 they will be spread out and sent throughout the six months, on top of the originals.
  • Access to a private member’s only Facebook group – I will be hosting live events, contests, giveaways, and just super fun progress shots from members. You can also ask questions, share your progress and just have fun!
  • Members Discounts to the optional upgrade panels, as well as coupons for my Etsy store and needleminders.
  • Early access to new patterns and needleminders before everyone else.

Membership Costs

Sorry, but at this time membership has closed 🙁 

These patterns may come available individually later on in 2019, so if you wish to be updated just add your name to the waiting list and I’ll send you an email when they are available for purchase. 




What is a Stitch Along?

If you aren’t sure what I mean by a cross stitch stitch along (or SAL) not to worry – many have never heard of it! 

I will start by saying stitch alongs are a TON of fun. It is all about sharing and stitching together. 

What happens in a stitch along is you are given a piece of the puzzle each month (or in this case it will be bi-monthly). Some times these pieces are a mystery, other times you know what to expect. 

Throughout the time from one release to the next, you stitch away and share that progress with your fellow SAL stitchy friends. For my magical SAL we will have our very own private Facebook Group to share everything in. 

These panels are released to you by email (in PDF form). 

Does this Cost $$ or is it FREE?

Sometimes stitch alongs are free, other times there is a fee. It all depends on what is put into the patterns. 

The Magical SAL will be a paid stitch along, but at a super reasonable price and WAY below the retail cost of each of the patterns! Plus the added bonus of a free members only group and some other awesome perks!

What if I Can’t Keep Up?

It is not a race, just join in the fun as you can. It doesn’t matter if you are sharing your progress on the current panel or a previous one – we love to see your stitching as you finish it. We will celebrate every win! 

No one will ever be removed for not keeping up! Remember progress is progress no matter the speed – a stitch is a stitch!


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