The best cross stitch stitch along 2019 has to offer are right here!

I’ve scoured the internet and found what I think are the best cross stitch SAL’s out there for 2019. Some of these will be free, others will need some investment (which is totally worth it, right?).

What’s more fun than SAL’s!

Psst! Be sure to see all the happenings in the cross stitch world.

What is a Stitch Along?  If you aren’t sure what I mean by a cross stitch stitch along (or SAL) not to worry – many have never heard of it!

I will start by saying stitch alongs are a TON of fun. It is all about sharing and stitching together.

What happens in a stitch along is you are given a piece of the puzzle each month. Some times these pieces are a mystery, other times you know what to expect.

Throughout the time from one release to the next, you stitch away and share that progress with your fellow SAL stitchy friends.

Free Cross Stitch SAL’s

Let’s start out with our favorite kinds of stitch alongs – free ones!

There are plenty more out there for free, but I have looked around and found a few real gems! Not just any old free cross stitch stitch along. Only the best for my stitchers!

Paid Cross Stitch Stitch Along 2019

Free is not always the best when it comes to cross stitch patterns, or stitch alongs. Sometimes you truly get what you pay for – if you pay nothing, you get mediocre patterns. Of course, there is always the exception and some amazing patterns come out for free. For example, my Stained Glass SAL was free to the first 1000 people! That’s a $315 value, for free.


Want to Be the First to Know about My SAL’s?

I can’t guarentee I’ll always have free memberships to my cross stitch stitch alongs but it can happen. To make sure you are the first to know, be sure to sign up to my email list.


My Suggested Paid SAL’s

Here are a few amazing stitch alongs to join this year.

**some of these are affiliate links, so if you purchase them I do get a small commission (at no added cost to you) for me to use towards my own cross stitch stash**

Creatively Crafting Cross Stitch Stitch Alongs

Of course, I have my share of stitch alongs that I have personally created. (I’ll be sure to add each new one as they are released – which is usually every 6 months, so bookmark me!)

Temperature Cross Stitch Patterns

Okay, so these aren’t stitch alongs per say – but they are a daily stitch project.

What’s a temperature cross stitch pattern? It’s a few stitches every day – the color is dictated by the high and low temperatures of the day. The end results are beautiful. Just look below, you will see.