Many have tons on projects on the goal – others may just have one but want to see how far along they are. Here’s a cross stitch progress tracker that will work for all!

It is great to keep track of your progress because it keeps you excited about your pieces. It will also show the story of it – like when you started and finished it.

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This cross stitch progress tracker works great in a cross stitch journal – or you can simply keep one with each of your projects. 

Here’s a bit to know about this cross stitch progress tracker:

WIP Name – This is either what the designer named it, or use your own coding. (Just make sure it’s the same name as your name cards)

Start – This will be the month and year you start the project. Leave it blank if you are not starting it yet.

Floss List – A quick jot of all the floos numbers needed.

Fabric – A note area for you do to the calculations for fabric size – especially if you are changing count size.

Notes – This is for any additional notes you need.

# of Stitches – This is the full number of stitches in the project. For example a 100 x 100 stitch project has 10,000 stitches in it.

Progress – This is where you will take your stitch count and divide it by 32 (FYI 32 is the number of “X’s” on the sheet). Everytime you finish that number of stitches you will fill in an X. For example, at 10,000 stitches each X would represent 313 stitches.

Finish – This is the month and year you finish the project.

This cross stitch progress tracker is actually apart of the Creatively Stitching membership training. 

But I think it’s an awesome thing that we ALL need in our lives so I’ve taken this one printable out of the member’s only training “How to Kit a Project” and wanted to share it with you. 

To get this one page printable cross stitch progress tracker is simple:

  • Read about our Creatively Stitching Membership
  • Join the wait list on that page and this printable will come your way right away! Then more information about membership will be sent closer to when doors open back up in November.