Cross stitch patterns free printable ones of course are any stitcher’s dream! I am always on the look out for more cross stitch patterns to add to my arsenal, and now that I have the ability to make my own my supply is unlimited and I want to share it with you!

Cross Stitch Patterns Free Printables

Free is a word that will perk up anyone’s ears – what better deal can you get! I want to share some patterns with other cross stitch lovers (and the addicts, like me). What better way to spread the creativity than a monthly club all about stitching!

cross stitch patterns free printable

Get Your Free Cross Stitch Patterns – EVERY MONTH!

Side Note: 

I do have a little or two freebie in the Creatively Crafting Shoppe can you find them?

Creatively Cross Stitching Club

I am hoping to reach out to all you other stitchers and create our own little mastermind club full off cross stitching lovers. 

Everyone is welcome – no matter if you have ever stitched before. For the beginners you will learn a ton of great tips and tricks, for the more advanced you may stumble upon something new.

The big bonus… FREE patterns! Yup, completely free no strings attached!

What’s the Cost to Join??

Free cross stitch patterns every month, emailed packed full of tips & tricks, a private FB group?? How much will all this cost??

The Creatively Cross Stitching Club is 100% FREE!

You heard it right, there is no cost to you.

Join Now!

Benefits of Joining:

Not only will you get to be part of an amazing group of cross stitchers, you will also enjoy:

  • tips and tricks for perfect stitching.
  • progress updates on patterns I’m working on and creating.
  • great resources for all things cross stitching.
  • free pattern each month.
  • early access to new patterns.
  • members only patterns.
  • members discount on my Etsy store
  • you get to provide feedback and ideas on my future pattern creations.
  • access to our FB group just for cross stitch addicts like yourself.

Get Your Free Cross Stitch Patterns – EVERY MONTH!



For signing up you will instantly get an adorable animal cross stitch pattern as a thank you. My way to say welcome to our little corner of the internet!