Cross Stitch Advent Calendar

It feels so exciting, even as an adult, to countdown the days to Christmas – Something feels magical. 

Most advent calendars are geared to children, and usually filled with junk food (which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but sometimes we want more than just chocolate each day for 24 days). 

It is so fun to create your own advent calendars, that you can fill each year — either for your little ones, or yourself. 

We have created a cross stitch pattern that can help you make your own cross stitch advent calendar template. 

You will be able to take this pattern, and create a super cute hand made advent calendar. 

You will simply need the pattern, some crafty skills, and a few crafty supplies. You can even get fancy and buy a blank advent wall hanger or wooden advent calendar and up the game. 


A Little Bit about This Cross Stitch Advent Calendar

Our 2021 cross stitch advent calendar pattern is going to be a ton of fun – and will be a wonderful decoration for years to come. 

There will be three options for this pattern:

  1. A one piece cross stitch advent calendar. This one you would stitch the entire pattern and display it in a frame each year. You can always use a dry erase on the glass each year to mark off the days as they go by. 
  2. Individual stitches, and a tutorial to turn those daily squares into your own home-made cross stitch advent calendar with a wall hanger or wooden blank advent calendar (purchased on Amazon)
  3.  Stitching the background/border piece separate and the individual days. Then we will together create an interactive finish with some hand sewing and velcro.  

One Piece Cross Stitch Advent Calendar

This option will be a stitch along for 2021 – starting on November 15th. On the 15th you will receive the border piece and have 15 days to stitch it before we start the 24 days of Stitchmas fun!

Dec 1-24th you will get a piece each day – each piece is a quick little stitch to add to our advent calendar. 

On 18 count this cross stitch advent calendar will be approx. 11″ x 14″ – very easy to frame. 

DIY Cross Stitch Advent Calendar

This option will come with all the pieces broken down individually – so we can create our our advent calendar. 

There will be a tutorial included in the version of the stitch along – we will spend January together creating a homemade advent calendar to use for years to come. 

The pattern itself will be the same for both options. 

Looking for a Pre-Filled CROSS STITCH specific advent calendar??

There’s some good news, and some bad news. For 2021, we are just creating the cross stitch advent calendar — BUT for 2022 we will be hosting and selling a cross stitch goodie filled cross stitch advent calendar!! 

You do NOT want to miss that! 24 days of stitching goodies.