Creativity Challenges


Everyone is creative, even if you think it’s not there, it is! These creativity challenges will give you prompts and inspiration to focus for 30 days on a specific area of creativity. You get to pick the ones you want to do, or do them all!

Creativity is not a limited resource, you have UNLIMITED supplies of it – so spend it freely! There is no need to hold it in. Creativity is a key to success and happiness in life. These fun creativity challenges will help motivate you to be creative everyday – even if it’s only for 15 minutes.

What is a creativity challenge? It is simply a commitment to spend 30 days focused on the challenge and spending time each day completing that day’s task. 


Why Do Creativity Challenges?


The goal is simply! Make being creative a habit, an everyday thing you do! These creative challenges help give you stepping stones to building creative habits, and harnessing your creative powers.

Tip When Doing Creative Challenges

Don’t stress about them! There is no right or wrong answer. You will simply look at the promt or inspiration for the day and create whatever comes to YOUR creative brain. 

The fun of these creativity challenges is that you get to be YOU and express your own creativity!

Let go of any inhibitions, don’t worry about what others think. Just do what you want to do!

Time to Get Creative!! Ready for the Creativity Challenges?


There are creativity challenges for all sorts of areas of creativity, so pick the ones you like. More challenges will be added all the time, so bookmark this page!


Creativity Challenges:

Creativity Challenges – COMING SOON


These challenges are in the works and I’ll move them up above once they are ready. If you want to know when new creativity challenges are released be sure to sign up to my email list. 

Other Great Creative Challenges from Other Awesome Bloggers:


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Make You Own Creativity Challenge:


Do you have ideas for a creativity challenge that you don’t see in my list? Then let me help you make your own creativity challenge. 

It is very easy! Pick a topic for a challenge, grab a pen, paper and your creativity! Write down 30 ideas that match your topic.

Then simply download my creativity challenge template and fill it out. There is also a Canva template you can use if you want to digitally make it. 

Canva Template

You can use my Canva template to create your own creativity challenge. Canva is free to sign up for. 

You will go into the template and fill in each of the 30 squarea with the ideas you wrote down. Then just change the title from “My Creativity Challenge” to whatever the topic of your challenge is. 

Printable Template

You will simply print this template and fill in all your ideas!

I would LOVE to see what you come up with. Be sure to share your challenges with me and I may even add them into my list of challenges! 

Share your creativity challenge by emailing it to me. Be sure to also post it on Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #mycreativitychallenge