Creatively Stitching

Creatively Stitching will take you on the path to being the best cross stitcher you can be!

Are you a new cross stitcher? 

Unsure where to start, or maybe you are just overwhelmed with all the information available. 

Have you been struggling to keep your stitch bug alive? 

Looking for ways to stay motivated, inspired and keep consistently stitching.

Are you looking for some cross stitch friends? 

Find like minded people that speak your cross stitch language and are as obsessed with the hobby as you.

Cross stitching is a wonderful hobby for people of all ages.


  • It is a great way to unwind and relieve stress.
  • Having a creative hobby gives us something to consistently dedicate time to, which in turn gives us a sense of purpose above and beyond our day to day responsibilities.
  • Cross Stitch elevates our moods.
  • It decreases our anxiety.
  • Stitching heightens your cognitive function and thus inherently reduces health risks.

BUT for some, it causes stress – because there is SOOO much information and SOOO many things involved. Cross stitching is filled with information and it can cause overload for some; and for others you just never tap into all the awesomeness that cross stitching has to offer.

Maybe you find that it is your passion, that one true love, but you have no one you can share that with. You need a few cross stitch besties!

That’s where I (Amanda) and Creatively Stitching comes in.


I will help you navigate this hobby & give you an amazing group of STITCHEE’s!

Together we will turn you into the super stitcher I know you can be – with an tribe of stitchers behind you motivating and inspiring you to truly enjoy your hobby.

Together we will . . .

  • Be curious and want to take the cross stitching world by storm.
  • Be healthy – mind, body, and stitchy soul.
  • Be organized with no chaos, simply sit and stitch!
  • Be stocked up with the cross stitch stash of your dreams.
  • Be inspired to take on all project – big and small!

Remember, that the WE is not just you and me . . . it’s a group of STITCHEE’s – full of positivity, encouragement and fun!

The Creatively Stitching family is all about having fun cross stitching, keeping each other inspired, motivating each other to finish those projects and celebrating our stitching accomplishments together. 

 Here’s what one STITCHEE has to say about Creatively Stitching:


I love my new stitch family, seeing all the lovely work and everyone is so helpful it’s great!


What’s a STITCHEE??


They are super awesome – and you can be one too! 

A STITCHEE is a Creatively Stitching member. It is the true gem of this membership. All the members are full of entusiasm, positivity and are ready to help everyone. 

It is a true cross stitch family, minus the drama of fighting over who does the dishes. We have a ton of fun in our private Facebook group, as well as the Stitchy Forums in the Stitch Hub. 

The Creatively Stitching Cross Stitch Journey


Everyone how has been bitten by the stitch bug can always learn more about cross stitching. It is a very in depth hobby which a ton of amazing things to learn. 

Together we will go on this journey to finding your super stitcher self. 

We will stitch together the pieces of our Success Hoop and achieve super stitcher status. 

Curious Stitcher

Giving you to tools, motivation and inspiration to get ready to take on all the adventures that cross stitching has to offer.

Healthy Stitcher

Being sure to love our minds, bodies and stitchy souls through healthy thoughts, exercises, snacks and more. 

Orgnaized Stitcher

Take that stash of yours and make sure its super organized and you know where everything is. Nothing you need to do but pick a WIP and stitch!

Stocked Up Stitcher

Not only will you have an organized stash, but you will be stocked up with everything your stitching heart desires. 

Inspired Stitcher

Always learning new things, access to endless new patterns, and fun member’s only stitch alongs to keep the stitch bug alive everyday. You will stay motivated and excited to stitch. 

What Does the Creatively Stitching Membership Include?

Private Member’s Only Area
Called our Stitch Hub. It houses all your membership goodies. 

Stitch Alongs
Once you are signed up, as long as your membership is active (you are paying your) you get access to EVERY SINGLE new stitch along that come out. These are always available in the Stitch Hub for easy downloading – no need to store them on your PC!

The newest SAL is the Be You! Stitch Along:

See the Member’s SAL schedule here

Amazing Group of Stitch Besties (The Imfamous STITCHEE’s)
By far one of the BEST parts of this membership is the group of stitchers in it! It is filled with positivity, inspiration, and encouragement. The community is so much fun and every stitcher is filled with tips and tricks – eager to share it with the family.

Monthly Trainings
Monthly trainings delivered to you in our Stitch Hub on all sorts of awesome cross stitch topics – from learning parking, dealing with confetti, cleaning your finishes and more!

Progress Trackers for all SAL’s and Trainings
You can check off as you complete each piece in an SAL, and mark off as you finish a training.

Stitch Forum
Another member’s only area to chat all things cross stitch without having to be on Facebook.

Private Facebook group
For those that do want to be on Facebook we have our own private area there too!

Cross Stitch Tool Kit
A 6 week course that will help you be the best cross stitcher you can be.
(classes start July 2020)

Earn Points to Cash in for Fun Cross Stitch Stuff
You will earn points each month you are an active Stitchee, as well as earning points for completing certain tasks. The points will be able to be cashed in for things like patterns, needleminders, free month’s and more. 

Exclusive Member’s Only Patterns
You can buy patterns that ONLY member’s can access.

Member’s Swag
An area of all sorts of fun swag like project bags, needleminders, and more.

Early Access to all needleminders and the ability to “pile” them up
Get first dibs on minders, especially the limited edition ones.
And you can ship in one parcel and save on multiple shippings.

Here’s What Creatively Stitching member’s are saying:

I love this membership, but don’t just take my word for it . . .  here is what some of the member’s are saying:

I’ve completed more projects in the last couple months than I had in the last 2 years which is exciting! I’ve learned to be more organized with my WIPs. It’s a great group of like minded and caring crafty individuals with unique patterns to challenge even the experience stitcher.

If you love cross stitching it’s the best community you could join!


I love all the SAL’s included and the training sessions!

The community is awesome and everyone is there to help you so you can continuously learn new things.


Before I found Creatively Stitching I really didn’t know a whole lot about cross stitching. I am  learning new things with stitching and new, fun patterns. I also love being able to talk to more stichers!

It’s great knowing that all the pattern are right there, in the Stitch Hub, so I don’t have to worry about if I can print them off right away or not. 


I was lost. I only really had one friend I could go to for questions on projects. Now I have a whole family I can reach out and ask for advice.

The challenges that are put on help me finish projects quicker.

Thank you for everyone! Thank you for the motivation and all the added challenges. Love the smaller SAL that are put on as well. I have a lot of work head of me.


I love the SALs and the stitch challenges, even though I am a slow stitcher and do not get to stitch every day like most do.

Great, wonderful, and awesome group!! NO DRAMA! Friendly people, lots of fun, very informational.

I love the resources and video chats!!


It’s 100% worth every penny.

The ability to have multiple SALs, but have the ability to hop back and forth between them once your in is great. The other thing is that there’s no pressure to get them done in a specific timeframe. You complete them at your pace! If you want to skip certain parts, go for it. If you want to pause a SAL because another one is coming out, do that too!

I love the low key, zero pressure of our stitchy family. The customer service is over the moon amazing.  You truly go above and beyond for all things Creatively Crafting.