Creatively Stitching



Creatively Stitching will take you on the path to being the best cross stitcher you can be!


Are you a new cross stitcher? 

Unsure where to start, or maybe you are just overwhelmed with all the information available. 

Have you been struggling to keep your stitch bug alive? 

Looking for ways to stay inspired and keep consistently stitching.

Are you looking for some cross stitch friends? 

Find like minded people that speak your cross stitch language and are as obsessed with the hobby as you.

Cross stitching is a wonderful hobby for people of all ages. It is a great way to unwind and relieve stress. BUT for some, it causes stress – because there is SOOO much information and SOOO many things involved. Cross stitching is filled with information and it can cause overload for some; and for others you just never tap into all the awesomeness that cross stitching has to offer.

That’s where I (Amanda) and Creatively Stitching comes in. I will help you navigate this hobby.

Together we will turn you into the super stitcher I know you can be – with an tribe of stitchees behind you motivating and inspiring you to truly enjoy your hobby!