Welcome to Creatively Crafting Shoppe: All our great Creatively Crafted products in one place for your shopping pleasure. Cross stitch patterns, printables, and so much more! My obsession lately has been cross stitch patterns! I can create ANY pattern I dream of, which is awesome! So I have a large selection of digital cross stitch patterns.

Creatively Crafting Shoppe – Cross Stitch Patterns

All of these cross stitch patterns are hand made by me. They are great detail and the big picture is considered when they are created – I don’t just pick an image, throw a pattern together and hit save. I go through and make it perfect! Some patterns are large, and only work at that size to make sure the detail is there. But they look amazing! Color Chart: All patterns are made with DMC color codes, I can easily create an Anchor list if you request. Add it to the comments in your order and I will email it within 24 hours. Aida Count: All these cross stitch patterns are done with a 16 count, but you can easily make them on any count. I just love 16 count myself so that’s my default. All of my patterns are sold through Etsy. Come see my Etsy shop: ACreativelyCrafter Shoppe Have a favourite image or character that you want a cross stitch pattern for? I can do custom ones too. Send me an email with the image you would like the pattern for and I’ll give you a price – or simply fill out this form!