Labeley – Make Christmas Tags and Stickers

Fun and creative Christmas tags made easy with Labely.

If there was only one day a year to sprinkle with creativity, then it would have to be Christmas Day. Christmas and New Year’s holidays, with all the gift giving, kindergarten and school events, family dinners and celebrations, are that time of the year to unleash all your creativity and pour it into a plethora of fun crafting projects. For example, creating fun Christmas gift tags, adorable “thank you” notes and various decorative stickers.


If you don’t know where to start or how to actually make creative Christmas tags or stickers, here’s a completely free tool to help you design professionally looking gift tags, house decorations and all sorts of kids stickers.

It’s called Labeley and it’s basically an online application for designing custom labels for all sorts of purposes, from kids clothes to back-to-school projects to lunchbox stickers to birthday party decorations, and much more.

However, there is a special, holiday edition of this handy labels creator called Labeley Holidays with abundance of awesome graphics that you can use for your Christmas crafting projects.

It’s pretty easy to use and with some imagination and creativity you can make a sticker or tag for about anything Christmas related.

Here’s how to make a creative Christmas tags with Labeley Holidays:

Choose the shape for your tag. There are dozens of available shapes to choose from.


Now go ahead and round up your tag with a neat border:


Once you’ve added the border, select the shading and color for your gift tag’s background.



Now you’ve come to the fun and most creative part: adding Christmas graphic to your tag. To do that, click the Graphic icon in the left sidebar and select the Christmas theme graphic that you like the most (check the screenshot below where you can see the selection of cute holiday themed graphics).


Pro tip: if you like more than one graphic and can’t decide on one only, you can add more!

Now that the design of your gift tag is almost done, it’s time to add a textual message to it. You can make the text more eloquent and impactful by choosing one of dozens of creative and professionally designed fonts. You can also select any color for your font, and then further enhance it by adjusting the style and weight.


And voilà – you have created a totally unique and creative gift tag for one or all the gifts you are presenting this Christmas:

To download it from Labeley, navigate to the Save label button in the upper right corner of your screen first and click on it. Then right-click the image and choose option Save Image As. It will be downloaded to your computer and you can print it out and start tagging your gifts.

In case you want to save the creative Christmas tags or stickers you create for future modifications and use, create a free Labeley account where all of your designs will be safely stored.

Bonus (free as well): If you want to use your photos or your digitized kids drawings for your gift tags and stickers, you can use the Upload option in the Labeley tool and personalize your tags and stickers to the max!

Check out Labeley today and get to the Christmas creating and crafting.