My Own Creative Bucket List – The Never Ending List!

Okay, my bucket list is mostly in my creative mind – but I do plan to sit down and create a bucket list scrapbook. I will be sure to share it with you when it’s ready!

I thought to start I would get the items out of my mind and onto paper (well electronic paper in the form of a blog post). I will admit that as I write this I’ve never made an official bucket list.

Bucket List Journal Ideas:

I have found this adorable journal on Amazon that would be awesome for a bucket list, it also gave me an idea! A printable bucket list journal just for you!

Interested in a printable bucket list journal, check out my post about printable bucket list journals.


My Creative Bucket List

Alright, bucket list’s don’t necessarily have to be publicized – they are a total personal life endeavor but this blog is a window into my creative life so I share everything openly – you are my family!

I will also come back here and update any items I actually accomplish! I will also be adding things to my bucket list as I come up with new adventures I want to go on.

A good number of items for your list is 50 – remember this will be a life long enendeavor and you can aim to achieve one or two a year. That’s totally doable!

Here is the start of mine. I will keep filling in as I think of more. It is not an instant process!

  1. Put my feet in the ocean – DONE!
  2. Visit Japan.
  3. Learn a new language.
  4. Be my own boss (working pretty hard on this one right now!)
  5. Meet a monkey – DONE!
  6. Visit each continent.
  7. Tour a castle – ideally be able to sleep in a castle.
  8. Find my soulmate – DONE! I’ve been blessed to spend over 13 years with him and many more to come.
  9. Do something out of my comfort zone.
  10. Do something unexpected.
  11. Go scuba diving.
  12. Fly in a helicopter.
  13. See the northern lights.
  14. Dye my hair a fun color – maybe pink! – DONE!
  15. Travel across Canada – one long road trip.
  16. Meet someone inspiring.
  17. Motivate others for success.
  18. Learn to draw.
  19. Finish a large cross stitch pattern of Tinkerbell.
  20. Witness something breath taking.
  21. Have a garden – and successful be able to eat what I grow.
  22. Make a fairy garden.
  23. Have a pool – DONE!
  24. Marry my soul mate, and celebrate on a beach. – DONE!

What’s an item on your bucket list? Share it with me on Facebook.