creating a bucket list

Creatively Crafting Your Own Life Adventures! Learn to Create a Bucket List.

Keep in mind to create a bucket list is an ongoing process. A bucket list is an ever evolving list and you can always add more – and you will cross off when you experience one of your bucket list items.

Definition of a Bucket List: A bucket list is a list of experiences that you want to achieve and witness in your lifetime.

* * side note: I highly recommend you check out the movie titled “The Bucket List” it is an amazing movie! * *

Why do you want a bucket list? Going through the exercise of dreaming up all those bucket list items is a great way to learn about yourself. In turn, knowing what your heart desires most and having a list that you aim to achieve these items gives you life purpose.

When achieving these items you will feel immense satisfaction and you will enrich your life experiences. It is a truly magically feeling to be able to check something off the bucket list.

Things NOT to do when you Create a Bucket List

First thing to remember when you create a bucket list – never remove items, unless you’ve achieved them! You don’t give up on your dreams & heart’s desires. Sit down and truly delve into your soul and write down only items that are true desires. You will never want to remove an item – you will want to experience it first.

There are also a few items NOT to add when you create a bucket list:

  • Everyday experiences: these are mundane things that don’t satisfy your soul. So adding that you want to go see a movie is too simple an item for a bucket list.
  • Totally unattainable things: these items are unrealistic to have on your list. If you know it is something you will never actually achieve, don’t put it on the list – it just sits there as a reminder that it is unreachable. These are things like win a million dollars, not something within your control.

Type of Bucket List Items:

Bucket list items do not have to be specific – or on the other hand – they can be hyper specific.

The key to a bucket list item is that it fulfills a desire and you will feel a sense of purpose and satisfaction when you get to check the item off.

Specific Items:

These items are detailed experiences. They are usually closest to your heart. They will involve planning and you won’t just stumble upon them.

Examples of specific bucket list items would be:

  • visit a new country
  • meet a monkey
  • put your feet in the ocean

General Items:

These items tend to be feelings rather than physical experiences. They usually will happen without planning and you will just know when they are complete.

Some examples would be:

  • witness something majestic
  • fall in love
  • laugh until you cry

Hyper-Specific Items:

These are detailed items just like the specific items but they are have added details. These items are extremely detailed and involve either specific people, places or things.

  • visit the Great Wall of China
  • stand on the top of Mount Everest

Create a Bucket List – Making Your List & Checking it Twice

Let’s start making our bucket list. Grab a writing device, a pretty note book and a comfy chair – in a quiet spot.

You want each item on the list to count, so don’t make a rough draft – just think thoroughly about each item and mean it when you write it in the notebook.

  • Decorate a notebook to make it meaningful and special.
  • Keep this book in a safe spot.
  • Add items to it when new inspiration hits – the list doesn’t have an end, you can always add items.
  • Check off things that you complete.

IDEA: When you complete an item why not start a “Bucket List Scrapbook”. Each time you finish an item off your list fill a page of a scrapbook with the experience – include pictures, mementos, or just a written story about how it made you feel. Be sure to put the date on the bottom as a reminder of when you achieved the item.

Share One of your Bucket List Items With Us!

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