Space is important when it comes to a craft room. A great way to save some space, but still stay organized, is craft folding tables.


What are Craft Folding Tables?

These tables are a style of table that you can fold open to work on. Once you are done you fold up parts of it so it takes up less storage space.

I am still in the phase of wishing I had an amazingly organized craft room. My craft room is still full of miss-matched furniture and containers. But I love shopping for my dream craft room.

My dream storage system is called The Original Scrapbox. It is the ultimate of craft folding tables and storage solutions, but it is pricey!

Great Value on Craft Folding Tables:

Amazon always has great deals. These are two great options that are not nearly as pricey as The Original Scrapbox products but they are a great way to organize and save space – all in one.

Affiliate Note: I do get a small commission for sales from Amazon – it does not cost you anything. All commissions from Amazon are spend on craft supplies.

craft folding tables

Here are two great tables to help you to organize your craft supplies. Each of these are pretty reasonably priced, ranging between $100-200.

SEI White Fold-Out Organizer and Craft Desk is a great option if your space is minimal but you still need a work space and some storage. It will fold into a very small area but folds out to a nice sized work space.

The Sewing / Craft Center – Folding Table has a bit more space and is ideal for a sewing space too. This will give you a bit more space than the white one, but still folds up to a fairly smaller size.

These are great storage solutions if you can’t have a craft room too. Craft folding tables are fantastic solutions for small homes or when you can’t have a craft room.