Rustic DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas pyrography ornaments give a very rustic feel and it is fairly inexpensive to achieve this look. It is all the better that it is a DIY project and uniquely handmade!

You can buy many varieties of wooden ornaments at your local craft store (and even at a dollar store!). I bought these two beauties at my local Michael’s Craft Store for about $2.00 a piece.

Now you may wonder, aren’t these a little plain for the tree?? Well, a great way to decorate them is to wood burn designs onto them. It is not as scary as it sounds! I am very VERY prone to burning myself and even I can handle a wood burning tool. It is also know as pyrography, and it is a ton of fun!

Woodburning (Pyrography) is a Great Hobby

woodburning-ornamentsI have just taken up wood burning as a hobby and it is a ton of fun.

Bonus: You get a great wood smell as you work, it’s like a campfire in your house!

A wood burning kit is not an overly expensive investment. I think for less than $25-50 you can get everything you need. I got one locally at Michael’s and used their 50% off coupon and get a great deal. It’s a fun little tool to have around. It comes with everything you need to start. There are also some additional tips and letters you can buy – but it’s not a necessity to get started. Everything I did here was with the tools that came in the original kit!

PS: The amazon link to the s is the exact kit I bought and I love it!

Keep an eye out around the blog, I will show you a ton of great things you can use this for – not just ornaments!

How These Rustic Christmas Pyrography Ornaments are Made


Buy a plain wood ornament – the choice of style is yours. I find there is a great variety at craft stores, but the dollar store usually carries some too. (If you don’t have one, this is a good time to by a woodburning kit too)

Take a pencil and lightly draw on a base of your design. You want to do this lightly so that it doesn’t indent the wood (a lot of these pre-shaped ornaments are made from pine or another soft wood). At this point you would also want to pick your tool tip and turn on your woodburning kit and allow it to heat up.

You always want to start with the base of your design on your christmas pyrography ornaments – starting with lightly burning the outline to make sure you get it right. Pyrography mistakes can be fixed but it’s not as easy as an eraser. You will work in stages – as you need to let the tool cool off completely before changing your tip. For the one’s I created here I used just one tool tip to save the process of turning the burner on and off. (Okay, I was being impatient as it’s a week before Christmas, lol).

You will go over the design in more detail and making your burn lines darker (to your liking). Keep repeating until you are satisfied with the look.

To add some pop to these ornaments I decided to add a little bit of color. You can do this with paint or glitter. I chose glitter because I just love glitter.

I think these look great on the tree and a great way to make a sentimental memory ornament for Christmas.