checking off my bucket list

The fun has begun. Checking off my bucket list! One trip, three items off my list.

If you have looked at my ever evolving creative bucket list I have many random, fun adventures that I will be going on. In January 2017 (actually one year from today!) I was able to not only have an AMAZING trip with the love of my life, I was able to start checking off my bucket list items – three of them!

Checking Off My Bucket List – Three down!!

If you have read my bucket list – it is slowly growing as I decide on what truly matters to me. I have been lucky enough to check three items off in one trip!

  • Meet a monkey.
    • This one has been on my bucket list since I saw my first monkey at a zoo. Meeting a monkey means actually having one in my arms.
  • Put my feet in the ocean. 
    • I’ve never been to the ocean, even the ones on either side of Canada. It doesn’t matter which ocean, just an ocean.
  • Marry the man I love & celebrate on the beach.
    • I have never wanted a big wedding; I have always wanted to just go sign the papers and fly off to somewhere beautiful with my soul mate to celebrate the first days of the rest of our lives.

I can gladly say these three items are COMPLETE and it has felt amazing checking off my bucket list items. Each year we should all check one or two things off our bucket list.

Meeting a Monkey – A tribe of the actually!

Not only was there one bundle of adorable fur, there was a tribe of them. They were unspeakably adorable and I couldn’t stop glowing while in their home.


Where are these little guys (and girls)? They are at Monkeyland in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was SUCH a fun excursion – even before and after the monkeys. There was a sketchy, very bumpy ride through the jungle to get there – then we got to spend nearly a half hour with these little monkeys.

This sanctuary is huge, they have so much room to roam. It’s like being in the wild. They are truly happy little critters.

We were each given a bowl of food, and sent in to visit their home. Many were pooped on, everyone was loved and ALL the food was eaten.

These little monkeys were SUPER friendly and great hosts!

Put My Feet in the Ocean

Not only did the hubby and I have get to put our feet in the ocean – we were able to start checking off his bucket list items too! He wanted to play in HUGE ocean waves.

Our resort beachfront had breaks (large concrete barriers) to slow down the waves & save the beach from washing away. So we were on the hunt. We went down the beach and found the PERFECT waves.

We spent nearly an hour jumping into waves taller than we were. We even made it back out with our sunglasses and swim suits in tack.

Such a fun way to check off the bucket list item!

Marry the Man of My Dreams & Celebrate on the Beach

As I’ve said, I’m not a big wedding kinda gal. I like simple, I like relaxed, I like beaches. This was all part of the plan.

We went to city hall, by ourselves, and signed the papers (as I have always dreamed would be). Though I know there is family that is still angry because of this choice, but it was OUR choice we made for ourselves.

Next we hopped on a flight (okay it was about a week later) and spent 7 days in paradise (Punta Cana) enjoying each others company.

To me this was the greatest way I could have chosen to marry the man I love.

Checking off My Bucket List

I have set myself a goal. I want to check at least 3 items off my list each year. I want to make sure they are meaning full and I want to capture the moments.

I have created a bucket list scrapbook to capture these truly spectacular moments.

What’s did you check off your bucket list? Comment below…