Ready To Go Bobbin Hunting??

Hi! If you are here, that means you have purchased some of our needleminders and found our reward cards! 


I believe in having a bit of fun with everything I do – so as a thank you for your purchases with me, you have a chance to win some extra goodies. 


How? Simple. Just collect all the Stitchee Mascots as you purchase needleminders. Each minder you purchase comes on a card, on the back you will see one of our mascots. 

There are 8 to collect:

  • Flossie – Our Super Stitchee
  • Bobbie – Our Curious Stitchee
  • Stitch – Our Stocked Up Stitchee
  • Laguna – Our Inspired Stitchee
  • Aida – Our Healthy Stitchee
  • Needle – Our Organized Stitchee
  • Hula – Our Stitchee Announcer
  • Crease – Our Stitchee Pattern Helper

What’s a Stitchee? And who are these mascots? If you want to know more – Learn All About the Stitchee Collective


What Can You Win??

To be able to claim a prize you must collect all 8 mascots. They are randomly placed on all minders so you will have to hunt as you purchase and watch for all 8. 

Of course, be sure to keep the duplicates! Everytime you collect 8 you get a chance to spin the wheel. 

You can use the printable above to track your hunting. Once you have collected all 8, you can claim your spin at the wheel. 

To Claim a Spin:

  • Write the date and your initials on each mascot card. 
  • Take a picture of all 8 together (with the date/initials on them). 
  • Send it to me:
  • Once I recieve I will provide you a link to spin a wheel. 
  • You spin the wheel and see what you win (Note: This spin is tracked on my end so I will see what you win) 
  • STITCHEE BONUS: You will get the opportunity to re-spin once if you wish to try for another prize. 

Bobbin Hunting Prizes:

The prizes for this will change every few months. 

Some of the prizes will be:

  • Free Patterns
  • Coupons off my Etsy Shoppe
  • Free Shipping Voucher
  • Coupons off our Cross Stitch Swag Items

Stitchee’s — you will have a member’s only wheel which could include:

  • All of the above items
  • StitchBucks
  • Free Goodie Bags with Purchase
  • Free Custom Cutesy Pattern