Being creative and crafty is good for your health among many other great benefits. So when someone asks you why you craft, tell them it’s good for your health!

Benefits of Creativity

Creativity is Great for Your Mental Health

The world is becoming more fast paced and technology dependent. With this comes more stress and anxiety in everyday life. Stress is one of the worst things for your body. It causes havoc and a list of illnesses. We should all try to live stress-free on a day to day basis; when there is a stressful event we should also all have a place to escape from it.

Why is creativity an escape from stress?

  • Spending a few hours crafting or being creative is stress relief and an escape from reality.
  • Many say that creativity is a great depression reduction.
  • There is a sense of being “free” when you are creating – there is no limitations and you are free to create whatever your mind wants.
  • Creating and crafting helps you process emotions. When you create what you want it helps your mind evoke your emotions and process the emotions.
  • It’s a mood booster – there is a release of dopamine (the happy juice for your brain). A bit of crafting will decrease your negative thoughts and replace them we positive ones.

This is among the many benefits of creativity. Keep on reading I’ve got a bunch more to list.

Self Development Through Creativity

We should always be looking for ways to keep learning and developing – even after all the growing up is over. Crafting and creating is a great self development tool.

  • Creating and crafting helps hone your problem solving skills. You take an idea and find a solution to get you from nothing to the finish product.
  • Taking time to be creative helps build your own self awareness; it helps you build who you are by letting you express yourself. It gives you a sense of integrity and a greater sense of well being.
  • Spending just a little time being creative keeps your mind sharp.

A Great “TED Talk” – Everyone is Creative in Some Way

Are you saying “I’m not a creative person” or “I can’t even draw a straight line”?? Well, keep in mind that everyone has some form of creativity inside themselves. Check out this Tedx Talks video and you will realize you are more creative than you think.

What’s the Next Step to Benefit from Creativity?

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Why do I create & craft??

I create and craft for many different reasons:

  • A fun way to spend “me” time – just me and my thoughts.
  • Crafting takes away all the everyday thoughts and worries – they disappear for a while, a little bit of stress relief.
  • It’s a great feeling to have an idea in your head, then to see the results.
  • Keeps my brain and hands active – kids aren’t the only ones that have to hone in their fine motor skills!
  • A hand-made gift is so much more unique than buying one (and saves you some moola!).
  • I can walk into my craft room and just feel the worries and feelings lifted off my shoulders. It is my “room of sanity” and my bubble.

These are just a few of the many benefits of creativity. The summary of this whole post is just have fun and be creative – there is no reason not too!

Some Great Creative Reads:

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